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Competence Center STaRRSS

We are WU's interdisciplinary home for research, teaching and broader societal engagement concerned with the grand challenges of our times, such as the ones embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Our mission, team and affiliates are introduced in About Us

  • We are not tied to a specific department or program and are proud to serve as a go-to site on Sustainability @WU

  • Our BA/MA Theses: Writing for Impact site is for anyone interested in student-driven research on sustainability

  • Our Resources site includes useful materials from business schools around the world [work in progress]

  • We are actively engaged in the Third Mission


Upcoming Events

Open Your Course 4 Climate Crisis (Nov. 23-27)

This annual O4CC week is organized by Fridays for Future. Read more. . .

SDGs Labs - joint forces between academia and business (Nov. 24)

This online session is organized by our colleagues at the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development. . .

Human-centric Digital Transformation in GIS (Nov. 25)

We invite you to the joint this upcoming Cognitive Science Austria /MyData Hub Austria/ Sustainable Computing Lab @WU Meetup. . .

Responsible leadership during the corona crisis (Dec. 9)

Join us for this timely discussion at the WU Matters WU Talks public lecture series. . .


Intercultural Aspects of CSR Communication

Interkulturelle Aspekte in der CSR-Kommunikation / Aspectos interculturales en la comunicación de RSC. Reflections on a recent event. . .

Sustainability Challenge kicks off into its 11th season

Eighty students, five universities, and nine project partners took part in the official opening ceremony for this cross-disciplinary & cross-institutional course. . .

WU welcomes its new students – and so does the Green Buddies’ initiative

The WU Welcome Days (15-16 Sept) took place online this year. STaR Fellow Laura Bauer presented the cross-campus initiative Green Buddies. . .

State of the Art of Responsible Leadership Research

STaR fellow Christof Miska contributed to the panel discussion on responsible leadership research at the 9th International Humboldt Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility. . .

Responsible Global Leadership Dilemmas, Paradoxes, and Opportunities

A recent book publication, co-edited by two of STaR Team members together with colleagues in the US, explores the dilemmas, paradoxes, and opportunities faced by leaders in global organizations. . .