Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR)

Competence Center STaRRSS

The competence center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR) is WU Vienna’s interdisciplinary home for engagement with the grand challenges of our times such as the ones embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We serve as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, curricula development, and outreach on topics related to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.


Our mission, team, and affiliates are introduced in About Us.


We are proud to serve as a go-to site on Sustainability @WU. Take a closer look and get involved!

For students

Our For Students site has information for students as well as a wider audience.


Our Resources site includes useful materials from WU’s researchers and from business schools around the world.


Together with colleagues at RCE Vienna, we are actively engaged in Third Mission.

Upcoming Events


Save the Date! 2021 NBS Sustainability Centres Community Workshop (July 12-15)

We look forward to co-hosting the biennial global workshop for leaders of sustainability research centers...



Sustainability & Responsibility in WU's Annual Report 2020

The new annual report of WU is out. We're proud to contribute to the WU Community, as featured in the "Shaping the Future, Sustainably" section. Click to access the report. . .

Sonnenblume im Urban Garden

What Sustainability Centres Learned in a Year of Virtual Connection

NBS Sustainability Centres Community, of which STaR is a member, shares insights related to handling COVID-19, running a centre, and advancing the sustainability transformation. . .


Sustainability Challenge Receives the Innovative Teaching Award 2021

We are proud of our colleagues at the Sustainability Challenge! Read more about this unique cross-institutional course. . .


The conference is over, but the Urban Jungle is only about to get started

More than 200 applicants from 80 different cities worldwide joined our two-days online event “Urban Jungle // Sustainable Cities in the Making - Inspiration & Entrepreneurial Action”. . .