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About Us

Our mission and activities

As a Competence Center not-tied to an academic program or deparment, STaR is uniquely positioned to support WU’s societal responsibility as a driver of sustainable transformations. Our key aim is to serve as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, external engagement, and dissemination of exemplary scholarship on all aspects related to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

We host academic and public events, provide online space for sharing relevant content, and serve as a liaison between WU community and external stakeholders.

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team representing the social and natural sciences, and humanities. We are dedicated to fostering research and teaching collaboration on and beyond our university's campus.

For general inquiries, please contact us at star@wu.ac.at.
Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr. Sigrid Stagl, M.S.
Sigrid Stagl
Co-Director at STaR, Head of the Department of Socioeconomics
Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Günter Stahl
Günter Stahl
Co-Director at STaR, Institute for International Business, Department of Global Business and Trade
Dr. Milda Zilinskaite
Milda Zilinskaite
Senior Scientist & Center Manager at STaR
Dr.rer.nat. Christian Rammel
Christian Rammel
STaR WU Third Mission & SDGs, Head of the RCE Vienna
Responsibilities: See our RCE Vienna and Third mission sites
Dipl.-Ing. Laura Bauer
Laura Bauer
Organizational and Network Support (part time)
Responsibilities: Event logistics, Green Buddies, SDG-Club & SDG-Day, STaR representative at Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria and PRME DACH chapter

STaR Fellows (voluntary support)

Marius Brand, MSc(WU),MIM(CEMS)
Marius Brand
STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: Communications and Social Media
Marlene Gruber, MSc(WU),MIM(CEMS)
Marlene Gruber
STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: SDG-Club & SDG-Day, On-Campus Sustainability Initiatives, Liason to Student Clubs
Assoz.Prof. Dr. Christof Miska
Christof Miska
STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: STaR Intellectual Community liaison

Graduate Student Assistants

Dorian Aigner, BSc (WU)
Dorian Aigner
STaR Graduate Student Assistant, Summer 2020
Responsibilities: Sustainability @WU, Theses Writing for Impact, Theses Interviews