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Today we face economic, social, and environmental challenges of huge proportions. It is clear that tackling the challenges reflected in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires concerted efforts by national governments, policy makers, civil society, research institutions and businesses.

At the core of STaR’s activities are two key questions: (1) How can actors at various levels (individual, organizational, societal) contribute to addressing the grand societal challenges and to reaching the ambitious targets set out in the 2030 sustainable development agenda? This will require innovation in science, technology, law, and other fields on a scale commensurate with that of the challenges we face, as well as transformation of economic systems, business processes, and individual mindsets. (2) How can the political, economic, institutional and cultural context facilitate or constrain sustainable development and our ability to tackle the grand challenges of our time?

The team and WU members of STaR are committed to promoting sustainable development, responsible innovation, and the necessary transformation processes through engaged scholarship, education and other activities.