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Legalization and translation: full legalization

Legalization guidelines

Your documents and their translations require full legalization because no relevant bilateral agreements are currently in place with Algeria.

Please note:

  • The legalization must be certified on the original document

  • After the legalization process in Algeria, your documents must also be legalized by the appropriate Austrian representative authority

Required procedure:

  1. Legalization by the appropriate Algerian government ministry (ministry of education)

  2. Additional legalization by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  3. Completion of the legalization process by the appropriate Austrian representative authority (Austrian embassy or consulate)


Translation guidelines

You can present your documents either in German or in English. If the documents were issued in a language other than German or English, they have to be translated by an officially certified court interpreter.

Please note:

  • The original document must have all the required legalization stamps before it is translated

  • All stamps/seals and legalization notes on the document (including e.g. items on the back of the page) must be translated as well

  • The translation must be permanently attached to the original document by the interpreter

Required procedure for translations done in Austria:

  1. Legalization of the original document (see above)

  2. Translation of the legalized original
    Click here for a list of all Austrian certified court interpreters (in German)