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Christina Schamp

WU presents “MORe – Meet Our Researchers” – our new YouTube video series. In the first episode, Christina Schamp from WU’s Institute for Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights explains cause-related marketing and the reasons why some brands succeed with their charity campaigns while others don’t.

Video Shopping for a better world? | Meet Our Researchers: Christina Schamp

Shopping for a better world? |…

Shopping for a better world?

A jar of honey for the preservation of rainforests, a chocolate bar for schools in Africa: If you keep your eyes open in the supermarket, you will find many opportunities to donate a small percentage of your purchase to a good cause. The principle is called “cause-related marketing promotions” (CMPs) and, according to consumer research, many people are interested in supporting charitable or ecological projects with their purchases.

In reality, however, not all CMP campaigns succeed in generating substantial sales and donations. Christina Schamp, head of WU’s Institute for Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights, investigated why this is the case, based on real-life retailing data. In our new “Meet Our Researchers” video, she explains the insights gained from this research.

About Christina Schamp

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Christina Schamp has served as head of WU’s Institute for Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights since 2020. Her research is located at the intersection between marketing, ethics, and technology: She is not only a sought-after expert on ethical consumer behavior but also investigates how new technologies, from social media to artificial intelligence, impact our social lives and our moral views.

Detailed study results and further information

Schamp, C., Heitmann, M., Peers, Y., & Leeflang, P. (2023). Cause-related marketing as sales promotion. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR). Link to the study