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Raiffeisen Language Resource Center

Raiffeisen Language Resource Center

Wel­come to the Raif­feisen Lan­guage Re­source Center!

The Raif­feisen Lan­guage Re­source Center is a state-of-the art lan­guage learn­ing and teach­ing en­vir­on­ment which com­prises a self-ac­cess area, two di­gital lan­guage labs (seat­ing 30 and 20) and a sem­inar room (seat­ing 14).

The self-ac­cess area is situ­ated on the second floor of the LC build­ing (ac­cess­ible through the main lib­rary). The labs and the sem­inar room are also on the second floor.

The self-ac­cess-area is a well-re­sourced lan­guage learn­ing en­vir­on­ment and it of­fers ex­tens­ive re­sources for learn­ing Eng­lish, Span­ish, French, Italian, Rus­sian and Ger­man. Fur­ther­more, it holds core ma­ter­i­als for al­most 40 dif­fer­ent lan­guages.

It is avail­able to all WU stu­dents and staff who would like to im­prove their lan­guage skills in a pleas­ant learn­ing at­mo­sphere out­side lan­guage classes.

There is al­ways a mem­ber of staff avail­able to help you find what you need, and it is also possible to ar­range a meet­ing with a lan­guage ad­visor to help you be­ne­fit most from inde­pend­ent study and tan­dem lan­guage learn­ing. You can book an ap­point­ment at the desk.

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