Im Sprachlernzentrum nimmt eine Studierende ein französisches Wörterbuch aus dem Regal

Language Resource Center

Language Resource Center

Welcome to the Language Resource Center!

The Raiffeisen Language Resource Center is a state-of-the art language learning and teaching environment which comprises a self-access area, two digital language labs (seating 30 and 20) and a seminar room (seating 14).

The self-access area is situated on the second floor of the LC building (accessible through the main library). The lab and the seminar room are also on the second floor.

The self-access-area is a well-resourced language learning environment and it offers extensive resources for learning English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and German. Furthermore, it holds core materials for more than 40 different languages.

It is available to all WU students and staff who would like to improve their language skills in a pleasant learning atmosphere outside language classes.

There is always a member of staff available to help you find what you need, and it is also possible to arrange a meeting with a language advisor to help you benefit most from independent study and tandem language learning. You can book an appointment at the desk.

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