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Film and Photography Permits

Film­ing and pho­to­graphy in the open areas or in the build­ings of Cam­pus WU must be an­nounced to WU at least one week in ad­vance and re­quires prior ap­proval and an of­fi­cial per­mit. Please use the form below to ap­ply for a film or pho­to­graphy per­mit.

  1. Applicant
  2. LocationsRequired
  3. Purpose of the films of photos.Required
  4. To be completed for non-commercial use

  5. To be completed for commercial use

  6. Type of use
  7. Crew size
  8. Terms and conditions

  9. Acknowledgement of our terms and conditionsRequired

Ap­plic­able WU dir­ect­ives