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Equal Opportunities Committee

Areas of Activity

The Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC), appointed by the Senate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien), has the task of counteracting any discrimination on the grounds of sex, ethnic origin, religion, belief, age, or sexual orientation by university governing bodies, and to advise and support university members and bodies concerning such issues.


The EOC´s annual activity reports

Activity Report 2018

1. Preface

The Equal Opportunities Committee (henceforth EOC) of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (henceforth WU Wien) herewith presents its detailed activity report for the year 2018. In accordance with the Universities Act 2002 (§ 42 para. 10 Universities Act 2002), this report at the same time constitutes the EOC’s annual report submitted to the University Board and the Rector’s Council. The present report contains the systematic documentation of the main activities pursued by the EOC in 2018. Contents refer to the importance of equal treatment and the promotion of women at WU Wien in relation to the EOC’s areas of activity, provide information about the legal bases for the activities assumed by the EOC, and present insights into the EOC’s understanding of equal treatment as the foundation underlying its activities. Read more ...

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Equal Opportunities Committee - Information sheet

The EOC’s areas of responsibility

Advice for and monitoring of university governing bodies concerning personnel matters

The Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) is involved in all personnel matters concerning the conclusion, material amendment, or termination of an employment or training contract between a staff member and WU Wien. In particular, the EOC is involved in the following procedures:


Selection process

Appointment procedures for new professorships: the EOC may appoint two representatives to participate in an advisory capacity in appointment committee meetings.

<link file:411525>The WU Senate’s appointment guidelines (WU Statutes, Annex 7)

Participation in the conclusion of qualification agreements in accordance with § 27 Collective Agreement for university employees (academic staff)

Material amendments

Assignment of managerial positions


Advice during habilitation processes concerning the bestowment of venia docendi

A representative nominated by the EOC may participate in an advisory capacity in habilitation committee meetings.

<link file:411525>The WU Senate’s habilitation guidelines (WU Statutes, Annex 6)

Participation in evaluation committee meetings concerning positions for general university staff

The representative nominated by the EOC is a voting member of the WU’s evaluation committee.

Acceptance of enquiries, requests, complaints, reports, or suggestions by (individual) university members concerning matters of equal treatment

The EOC’s primary concern is to act as an advisory body to all university members. In some cases, the EOC also assumes legal representation.

Development of opinion pieces

The EOC may develop and submit opinion pieces on relevant issues concerning, among others, the university reform, the university system, and human resource policies. The EOC may also develop and submit opinion pieces concerning individual university members and matters such as the conclusion of qualification agreements for academic staff.

Development of the Female Advancement Plan in accordance with the Universities Act 2002

The EOC is entitled to prepare a draft for the Female Advancement Plan (§ 44 Universities Act 2002).

<link file:411525>The WU Wien’s Female Advancement Plan (WU Statutes, Annex 4)


At the suggestion of the EOC, the Rector’s Council is to appoint a representative for childcare issues. The childcare representative advises the Rector’s Council and university members on matters concerning childcare obligations. <link https: en the-university organizational-structure representative-groups equaltreatment kids>Childcare