Innovative teaching and learning

Auditoriums and Classrooms

WU’s largest auditorium, the Audimax, seats close to 650. Smaller auditoriums seat 180, 120, or 60, and seminar rooms seat up to 30 occupants. Classrooms are equipped with both traditional teaching aids like flipcharts and whiteboards as well as state-of-the art presentation technology.

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Almost all rooms are equipped with double projection screens, allowing teachers to present multiple visuals at the same time. Digital whiteboards allow both teachers and students to present, rearrange, and combine materials in new and creative ways. Notes taken during the presentation directly on the presented materials can be saved as a PDF file and uploaded to WU’s eLearning system LEARN.

All of the large auditoriums and most of the smaller seminar rooms and classrooms are in the Teaching Center building, and additional smaller classrooms are located on the ground floors of the department buildings for barrier-free accessibility. All classrooms and auditoriums on campus have natural daylight for a pleasant teaching and learning atmosphere.

All classrooms on campus are administered using a central booking system. This software coordinates all room reservations on campus and allows for efficient room management.

Individual Study Areas and Project Rooms

Different working environments were created to suit every learning need. Quiet study zones are perfect for intense, concentrated studying, whereas in communicative study areas, students can converse and work together. Project rooms are available in a variety of sizes (seating 2–20) and can be booked by teachers for small classes or breakout sessions or by students for group projects or study group activities.

Our eLearning Platform

The eLearning platform LEARN has been an integral part of WU’s teaching for many years. Students use the platform to access learning materials, strengthen the skills they learn in class with interactive exercises, and stay in touch with teachers and fellow students. Teachers can stream lectures or make them available as videos.

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LEARN - Functions

  • Learning and practicing: Over 30 eLearning tools and more than 200,000 learning materials in a variety of multimedia formats

  • Self-organization for students: a personal calendar, individual to-do lists with deadlines and assignments, online homework submission, and access to grades

  • Communication: Discussion forums and chat platforms, notifications for course-related news

Campus WU individual study area

Computer Labs

The campus has a number of computer labs, two of which are in the Library & Learning Center and three in the Teaching Center. Computer labs are open to students when not in use for classes. The Departments of Socioeconomics and Information Systems and Operations also have their own computer labs.

Campus WU computer lab

Language Resource Center

The Raiffeisen Language Resource Center is a modern language teaching facility. Its comprehensive selection of teaching materials and digital resources gives students numerous ways to learn and efficiently master foreign languages.

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The Language Resource Center also has state-of-the-art language labs for language classes. The computers installed in the labs are linked together in a network and the teaching environment facilitates a wide variety of language-learning activities.