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Credit Transfer

Attention: Credit transfer of exams completed before admission must be applied for by the end of the 2nd semester at the latest. 

After this period, an application is not allowed anymore. This regulation does not apply to examinations you take during your studies at WU (e.g. during your Semester Abroad) and not to Self-Service Credit Transfer.

Please note, that switching to a newer version of your curriculum, the deadline does NOT start again.

The team of Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (advice on recognition issues, individual studies, merit and need-based scholarship grants) will be available to you personally in the Study Service Center on Monday, 09:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Please send your applications for credit transfer using our form.

Applications will only be accepted on working days. This means that applications sent on weekends or public holidays are considered to have been submitted on the following working day and the decision period does not begin to run until this day.

If you have any problems, please contact

If you wish an individual consultation for special requests, please make an appointment here.

For examinations taken in Austria

For examinations taken abroad

Online Credit Transfer Database for students

Concurrent enrollment at another university

Credit Transfer procedure

According to § 78 para 4 no. 4 of the Universities Act 2002, a credit transfer procedure can take up to two months. At WU, a credit transfer procedure takes about two weeks.

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ATTENTION! If you have accepted a decision to transfer credits of exams and an appeal can no longer be lodged (due to waiver of appeal, expiry of the appeal period), the deletion of recognised exams is no longer permitted.