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Doctoral Program in Social and Economic Sciences 2022

Curriculum 2022:


Research Seminars V and VI can only be attended after the Research Proposal has been graded with a positive grade. Please submit your Research Proposal within the first year of studies to avoid delays!

Research Seminar in the main subject I62
Philosophy of Science62
Research Methods I: Quantitative Paradigm (Business Administration or Economics)62
Research Methods II: Qualitative Paradigm62
Research Seminar in the main subject II62
Academic Writing62
Research Seminar in the main subject III62
Advanced Research Methods
(prerequisite: positive grade on Research Seminars I and II, Research Methods I and II and Philosophy of Science)
Research Proposal--
Research Seminar in the main subject IV62
Research Seminar in the main subject V62
Research Seminar in the main subject VI or Research Seminar in the second subject62
Defensio Dissertationis6-

The Research Seminars in your main subject are the backbone of the doctoral program; they are an opportunity to be part of the scientific community. 

The Research Proposal is a summary of your research project. It is published for one month in the Intranet of WU and assessed by a supervision team of at least 3 professors (your main supervisor and 2 others). 

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