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Doctoral Program in Social and Economic Sciences 2007

You can register for the the Research Seminars 5 und 6 ("Theories of the field" and "Relevant Theories for the dissertation and Literature review") only after you have passed the "Research Proposal". Please submit your Research Proposal early if you want to complete your studies in the stipulated time.

Students who began their studies in the summer semester 2018 or later have to submit their Research Proposal and the Dissertation Agreement in the first year of their studies.

Courses/Examinations ECTS weekly hours
Research Seminar in main subject I22
Philosophy of Science62
Research Methods I: Quantitative Paradigm (Business Administration or Economics track)62
Research Methods II: Qualitative Paradigm62
Research Seminar in main subject II22
Academic Writing12
Research Seminar in main subject III22
Advanced Research Methods
(prerequisites: positive grades on Research Seminars I und II, Research Methods I und II and Philosophy of Science)
Research Proposal6-
Research Seminar in main subject IV22
Research Seminar V: Theories of the field62
Research Seminar VI: Relevant Theories for the dissertation and Literature review or Theorien of the field in the second subject62
Examination in main subject
(prerequisite: positive grades on all the mandatory courses and the Research Proposal)
Defensio Dissertationis4-

The Research Seminars in your main subject are the backbone of the doctoral program; they are an opportunity to be part of the scientific community. The Research Seminar is attended continually over six semesters. You can only attend one Research Seminar per semester. The "Theories of the field" and the "Relevant Theories for the dissertation and Literature review" are also Research Seminars and cannot be attended in one semester!

The Research Proposal is a summary of your research project. It is published for one month in the Intranet of WU and assessed by a doctoral committee consisting of four members: the two examiners of your dissertation and two university professors who are designated by the head of the department your main subject belongs to. If you began your doctoral studies in the Summer Semester 2018 or later, the Research Proposal is graded by a supervision team consisting of at least 3 professors.

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