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Lecture with interactive elements (VUE)

Based on the continuous assessment course (PI) format, lectures with interactive elements (VUE) offer the perfect framework for courses that require active student participation and provide more flexibility for teachers and students. The VUE course format is well suited e.g. for teaching settings with a lecture part and an interactive lab part.

Key facts about lectures with interactive elements:

  • Full contact hours in class

  • Reduction of student attendance requirement is possible (50-70% according to the general guidelines issued by the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs)

  • Grading is based on at least two performance components 

  • One performance component may be decisive for the final grade

  • Students can compensate for a missed performance component required for the positive completion of the course, if the student missed the performance component for a justifiable reason and excused him or herself

  • Students can repeat a Performance component required for the positive completion of the course, if the students was graded negatively and did achieve at least 10% of the total points of this performance component

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