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Internship Seminar

Bachelor's students in BBE and BaWiSo (IBW major) can complete an internship (abroad) as part of their studies. In order for this to be recognized, administrative steps must be followed. The chronological order is explained step by step below.

1. Does my internship meet the requirements?

An internship gives you the chance to put the business skills you have learned during your studies into practice. Please read through the internship requirements to assess whether an employment is suitable. The job taken must be a qualified business position; part-time jobs are not suitable.

Requirements for BBE students and IBW students

ECTS credits and recognition

2. Before the internship

Finding a position and suitability of the internship

Slides Internship Seminar and overview

Financial support - Erasmus+ grant

3. Obligatory internship approval form

  • To ensure that your internship meets the above requirements and is recognized, it must be approved in advance.

  • If you are completing the internship in the summer, please complete the form by June 30 at the latest. If you are completing it during the semester break, we need this information by January 22 at the latest.

  • You will be informed by email whether your internship meets the requirements. Please note that an response may take up to two weeks.

4. Complete the internship

  • We recommend completing the internship during the summer months and then registering for the internship seminar in the following winter semester. If you do not complete the internship in the summer (or if you are abroad in the following winter semester), an internship seminar is offered every summer semester.

5. After the internship: To DOs in winter semester (or summer semester)

Obtain a confirmation of internship from your internship company

Participation in the internship seminar in the winter semester or summer semester



  • BBE students please contact in case of any questions

  • IBW students please contact the International Office at in case of any questions

  • You can reach Prof. Edith Littich, the person responsible for the Internship Seminar, at