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Workshop and Event Registration Information Sheet

Registration and data collection

To sign up for or cancel workshops, please use our online learning management system and log in with your WU user name and password. To register click on the name of the seminar or workshop and just click “Register” at the bottom of the course description page. Alternatively you can find a list of the workshops on our homepage.

The overriding legitimate interests of WU form the legal basis for the collection of data included in your user profile. With your registration for a workshop, you consent to the processing of the personal data contained in your user profile for the purpose of your participation in workshops and events organized by the Personnel Development and Planning Office (PEP) and that certain data (first and last name, academic title, organizational unit and supervisor, email address, telephone number, private billing address if you are paying the deductible yourself, and evaluation data ) will be collected and partially transmitted to the course instructor as participant lists. The data in your user profile can also be used for the purpose of correspondence necessary for the organization of the events and workshops (emails on your registration status, participation reminders, evaluation invitations). Participation in workshops and events and the final evaluation are voluntary.

For more information on the collection of personal data, please see the document "Data Protection Statement".

Please note that all registrations are binding. After your registration has been received, you will be sent an automated confirmation email, but your place in the selected workshop is not confirmed until you have been notified by the Personnel Planning and Development Office. Once your registration has been confirmed by the Personnel Planning and Development team, you can use the area "Registered events" in your Cockpit to find out more about your workshop and manage your courses.

Each workshop description defines the target group for that particular course. You are welcome to sign up for workshops intended for other target groups, but as workshops are designed specifically for certain groups and their job profiles and responsibilities, members of the intended group are given priority. Non-target-group registrations are placed on a waiting list. Any available places will be announced approximately two weeks before the workshop, and the Personnel Planning and Development team will let you know as soon as possible if you will be able to attend your chosen workshop.


After completing the course, you will be required to pay the deductible named in the workshop description. Normally, this amounts to € 20 per day. The deductible is paid either by your organizational unit (in agreement with your supervisor) or by you. Up to the day of the workshop, you can change the payment option by yourself in the Cockpit under "Registered events". Once an invoice for payment of the deductible has been issued and sent to a private billing address, it cannot be changed, i.e. your organizational unit can no longer be billed for the deductible.

Registration and payment of the deductible as part of the WU Onboarding Program

No matter which courses you choose from the WU in-house training program: Within the first three semesters of your invitation to the WU Onboarding Program, you are entitled to take two workshops from the courses aimed at your target group and one English or German skills workshop free of charge. This means that in addition to paying for the instructors, materials, and catering, WU will also cover the deductible that participants are normally subject to, which usually amounts to € 20/workshop day. When signing up for workshops as part of the Onboarding Program, please be sure to note the applicable cancellation conditions.


Use the area "Registered events" in your Cockpit to cancel registrations at any time during the registration period (indicated in the description of each workshop); cancellations made before expiration of the sign-up deadline are not subject to a cancellation fee or payment of the course deductible.

After expiration of the sign-up deadline, workshop registrations can only be cancelled by email to In the event of cancellation after the sign-up deadline or if you fail to attend without cancelling your registration (no-show), you will be required to pay the deductible as a cancellation fee. To avoid this, you have the option of nominating a replacement to take the course in your place if you are unable to attend. The deductible must also be paid in full if a participant fails to complete the course or drops out during the workshop.

An additional cancellation policy applies to the WU Writing Retreat: In the event of a cancellation after expiration of the cancellation deadline, or if you fail to attend without cancelling your registration (no-show), an increased cancellation fee of € 200 will be charged in addition to the deductible to cover the hotel costs incurred

These policies also apply to workshops booked as part of the WU Onboarding Program, i.e. in the event of a cancellation after expiration of the cancellation deadline (2 weeks before the starting date of the workshop) or if you fail to attend, you will be required to pay the deductible, which would otherwise be paid by WU, as a cancellation fee.

Number of participants

Class sizes are limited for all workshops. Places are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that registrations are received, and taking the indicated target group into consideration. Once a workshop is full, further registrations are placed on a waiting list. In the event of a cancellation, the available place is given to the first person on the waiting list.

In most cases, workshops are held with a minimum of six participants. Workshops with smaller class sizes have a lower number of minimum participants, relative to class size. The Personnel Planning and Development Office reserves the right to cancel workshops if there are not enough participants.


After the workshop, all participants who were present for at least 80% of the course receive a certificate confirming completion of the workshop. By setting this 80% attendance requirement, we want to ensure that the confirmed participation actually reflects the participants’ exposure to the workshop’s contents. This is why when issuing confirmation certificates, we are unable to take into consideration if the participant was excused from individual sessions on justifiable grounds (e.g. due to illness) or was absent without an excuse.

Employees on leave

You can take advantage of our full range of in-house training programs even while on leave. Please note, however, that your participation is on your own time and cannot be considered working hours. We would also ask that you provide us with a cell phone number rather than your WU extension at registration so that we can contact you if necessary (e.g. if you are on the waiting list and a space becomes available). Furthermore, it would be very helpful for us if you send us your private email address to This will enable us to reliably inform you in case of special queries last-minute changes (e.g. of dates and rooms or cancellations). We will of course treat your data confidentially and use it only for this purpose.

Photography and video recordings

Some workshop formats, e.g. on subjects like self-presentation and application coaching, may use photography and video recordings of participants for practice purposes. Some instructors also take pictures to compile a flipchart protocol that is provided to participants for reference after completion of the workshop. All photographs and video recordings are used only as part of the workshop or event and are never transmitted to third parties. If you do not wish to have photos or videos taken of you, please keep this in mind when selecting your workshops, and please also inform the instructor of your preference in advance.


The materials provided during your workshop by the Personnel Planning and Development Office and the individual coaches remain the intellectual property of the Personnel Planning and Development Office or the individual author. For this reason, they may not be duplicated at will and/or distributed to third parties who did not attend the workshop.


If you need to know more about the Personnel Planning and Development Office’s workshops, please get in touch with one of the people below.

  • If you have questions about the contents or course design of workshops for academic staff, please contact Elli Rittersbacher, ext. 4448, email:

  • If you have questions about the contents or course design of workshops for administrative staff and supervisors or English skills workshops, please contact Alexander Mingst, ext. 4350, email:

  • If you have questions about the contents or course design of English skills workshops, please contact Nina Rath, ext. 6173, email:

  • If you have organizational or administrative questions about your workshop, please contact Nina Rath, ext. 6173, email:

  • If you have questions about payment of the deductible fee, please contact Sabine Pusta, ext. 4447, email: