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WU Pre-Doc Placement Program (WU PPP)

As a member of WU’s pre-doc personnel, you have known right from the start of your employment relationship that you will have to move on to your next career step after 6 years at the latest. The closer you come to graduating, the more urgent the questions about your future career development become.

Are you planning to continue your career in academia, or considering that option? Do you find yourself lacking the time you need to develop these plans properly because you are so busy juggling your dissertation, research and teaching duties, and your work for the institute? Or have you already set your goals but still need to tackle the individual steps that are required? If your answer is yes, our new WU Pre-Doc Placement Program (WU PPP) can help you along on your way.

The program will allow you to:

  • Analyze your personal qualifications and skills with a view to your future academic career

  • Gain specific insights about how to apply for jobs in the academic job market and further develop your skills in academic project management

  • Reflect upon the challenges resulting from your role as a pre-doc researcher together with a group of your peers and develop ideas and possible solutions to address them

  • Find answers to your individual questions and pressing issues

  • Set your sights on the future, plan your career, and take your next steps

WHO IS IT FOR? The target group

WHAT AND WHEN? Program structure, contents, and schedule

HOW? The sign-up procedure

WHAT ELSE? Terms and conditions, commitment, and deductible

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