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Internal Awards

WU is proud to honor out­stand­ing per­form­ance in teach­ing and re­search in vari­ous ways. Awards serve to en­cour­age top per­form­ance and provide in­cent­ives to im­prove qual­ity in re­search.

WU Best Pa­per Award

Get­ting re­search res­ults pub­lished is an in­teg­ral part of any aca­demic ca­reer. The WU Best Pa­per Award hon­ors out­stand­ing pa­pers pub­lished by WU re­search­ers in in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned journ­als.

It aims to en­cour­age WU re­search­ers to build a stronger pres­ence in the in­ter­na­tional ex­change of ideas in their re­spect­ive dis­cip­lines with high-qual­ity pub­lic­a­tions. The award is also in­ten­ded to serve as a plat­form for in­creas­ing the pub­lic vis­ib­il­ity of WU re­search­ers’ ex­cel­lent achieve­ments.

The WU Best Pa­per Award, es­tab­lished in the year 2000, is fin­anced by the WU An­niversary Fund of the City of Vi­enna.

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Per­form­ance Bo­nuses for Out­stand­ing Journal Articles

Per­form­ance bo­nuses are awar­ded for the pub­lic­a­tion of top journal articles in in­ter­na­tion­ally re­spec­ted magazines. Articles pub­lished in peri­od­ic­als in­cluded in the WU Star Journal List (be­fore 2016: A+ list) and the vari­ous de­part­ment journal rat­ings (be­fore 2016: one single WU journal list). These per­form­ance bo­nuses are awar­ded pur­su­ant to the Op­er­a­tional Agree­ment on Per­form­ance Bo­nuses and Ex­am­in­a­tion Rates for Aca­demic Staff (Be­triebsver­ein­bar­ung zur Re­gel­ung der Leis­tung­sprämien und Prüfung­staxen für das wis­senschaft­liche Uni­versitätsper­sonal).

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De­part­ment journal rat­ings and Star Journal List on FIDES

Stephan Koren Prize

The Stephan Koren Prize aims to sup­port ju­nior re­search­ers. Dur­ing a spe­cial gradu­ation ce­re­mony held every year, the WU Full Pro­fess­ors’ As­so­ci­ation awards the prize to those PhD can­did­ates whose doc­toral theses and aca­demic ca­reers con­trib­ute to the ex­cel­lent repu­ta­tion of WU’s re­search.

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Win­ners of the Stephan Koren Prize since 2000

2017Dr. Limaj Ever­ist PhD, Dr. Marta Glowacka MSc, Tho­mas Lind­ner PhD, Florian Na­gler, PhD, Dr. Stephanie Nov­osel MSc, Mag.a Petra Sauer
2016Phil­ipp Piribauer PhD, Dr. Fa­bian Pit­tke, Dr. Marion Sti­astny, Dr. Daniela Weber
2015Dr. Florian Huber, Dr. Karoline Spies, Dr. Gloria War­muth, Dr. Ro­man Wörner
2014Dr. Ver­onika Daurer, LL.B. (WU), Dr. Georg Kody­dek, Dr. Wolf Hein­rich Reu­ter, Dr. Sigrid Schefer­-Wenzl, MSc., BSc.
2013Dr. Kasper Dzi­urdz, Dr. Wolfgang Fell­ner, Dr. Eva Li­en­bacher, Dr. Bar­bara Müllauer­-Hager, Dr. Chris­ti­ane Schopf
2012Dr. Fran­cisca Brem­ber­ger, Dr. Florian Brug­ger, Dr. Ul­rike Kaiser, Dr. Wolfgang Ziniel
2011Mat­thias Bühl­maier, PhD, Dr. Helmut Haber­leit­ner, Dr. Markus Höllerer, Dr. Bar­bara Kru­may
2010Dr. Phil­ipp Nell, Dr. Daniela Ho­h­en­warter­-Mayr LL.M., Dr. Stephanie-Aure­lie Hörmanseder, Dr. Bar­bara Demel, Dr. Emel Arikan MSc.
2009Dr. Bar­bara Müller, Dr. Gernot Ressler
2008Dr. Aida Hajro (Numic), Dr. Re­in­hold Schodl
2007Dr. Mar­ina Dabic, Dr. Chris­tian Wag­ner
2006Dr. Ines Hof­bauer, Dr. Hans Chris­tian Mantler
2005Dr. Martin Schreier
2004Dr. Tina Chini, Dr. Martin Gel­ter, Dr. Anett Her­mann, Dr. Markus Leibrecht, Dr. David Meyer
2003Dr. Maria Madlber­ger und Dr. Tho­mas Roedi­ger­-Schluga
2002Mag. Dr. Har­ald Badinger
2001Dr. Andreas Mild (Haupt­preis), Dr. Andreas Strebinger und Dr. Mar­tina Sch­weitzer (An­erken­nung­s­pre­ise)
2000Dr. Man­fred Frühwirth, Dr. Mi­chael Pene­der, MMag. Dr. Her­mann Heinz Rauchenschwandtner, Dr. Chris­ti­ane Ver­onika Müller, Dr. Gottfried Se­bastian Steiner, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Mi­chael Trcka