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Exchange students arriving in Vienna have several options to choose from when booking housing for their stay. These options include but are not limited to:

  • residence halls run by OeAD, the main housing provider for students in Austria,

  • or a private flat that can be found for example through the housing platform Housing Anywhere,

  • or through another third-party provider.


However, regardless of whether you are staying at an OeAD residence hall, or private accommodation, you are responsible for taking the appropriate steps to reserve and secure your own housing. Please choose one of the three options below for further information.

Join our Facebook group WU Incoming & Outgoing Exchange Students where you can get in touch with both fellow incoming and WU outgoing exchange students and discuss your housing options.

OeAD residence halls

With numerous student residence halls all over Vienna, the OeAD-Housing Office is the main housing provider for international students.

WU has made a pre-reservation in certain OeAD residence halls to make sure that housing is guaranteed for its incoming exchange students. You can find a list of residence halls with reservations for WU incomings below. Students who would like to make use of this offer, need to register through the OeAD website until May 15 (winter semester) or November 15 (summer semester) at the latest.

Important: Please note that rooms are not guaranteed if you apply after the deadline. It is however still possible to apply and OeAD will offer you a room, if they have availabilities.

Booking procedure:

The procedure for booking a room in an OeAD student residency hall is as follows:

  • We advise to book as early as possible, as rooms are allocated by the OeAD-Housing Office on the first come first serve principle.

  • The minimum rental period for a room in a residency hall is a whole semester (winter semester: October to the end of January), (summer semester: March to the end of June). It is possible to extend but not to shorten the rental period.

  • You must apply online at OeAD housing website.

  • During the booking process, you have to upload a copy of your travel document (passport) and your Letter of Acceptance or a screenshot of your welcome email.

  • At the end of the application form, you need to accept OeAD’s general terms and conditions. Read them carefully as they contain information regarding rental period and cancelation policies.

  • OeAD charges a non-refundable fee of € 35 for processing your application (see additional costs below).

  • After submitting your application, OeAD will send you an offer of accommodation. If, though unlikely, OeAD cannot offer you a room, you will receive a full refund of the application fee.

  • After you have received an offer of accommodation, you can confirm it by transferring the security deposit to the account indicated by OeAD (further details will be sent to you along with the offer). The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay minus a cleaning fee of € 55 (see below) as well as any fees associated with damage to the room.

  • Only with a receipt of your deposit, your offer of accommodation will be fully confirmed. Usually, the offer is valid for two weeks. If you do not confirm within two weeks, the offer will expire.

  • In addition to your monthly accommodation fee, an additional booking fee will be assessed by OeAD. The exact amount of your booking fee is calculated from the booked time period (see below). The total booking fee for your stay is payable with your first monthly accommodation fee payment which should not be paid later than the 5th of the month in which you moved in.

  • Proof of accommodation can be provided by OeAD for the purpose of obtaining a visa. If this is required, please indicate this in your application and OeAD will provide confirmation via email following completion of the booking process. Please note that the proof of accommodation for obtaining a visa can be issued at the earliest 14 days after the booking has been confirmed.

  • If you arrive outside of the OeAD's opening hours, you will need to make special arrangements for picking up your key. You can also request your buddy from WU’s Buddy Network to be allowed to pick up your key.

  • We recommend you to review OeAD’s Terms and Conditions (Geschäftsbedingungen) as your contract will be with them, not with WU.


All additional costs at a glance

  • Application fee: € 35

  • Deposit: two times your monthly rent (will be refunded to you at the end of your stay, minus a cleaning fee and potential damages)

  • Cleaning fee: € 55 (subtracted from your deposit)

  • Booking fee: € 15 per month (has to be payed in full at the beginning of your stay)


Please note that OeAD, a fully independent organization, has terms and conditions that must be satisfied as well as their application procedure.

For more information, please see OeAD’s website and OeAD's FAQs. If you have further questions, please send an email to

The following residence halls have pre-reserved rooms for WU incoming exchange students in summer semester 2020:

OeAD-Guesthouse Kandlgasse
Categories A (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet, kitchenette in the living community) & D (single apartments)
OeAD-Guesthouse Molkereistraße
Categories A (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet, kitchenette in the living community) & D (single apartments)
OeAD-Guesthouse Gasgasse
Categories A+ (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet private, kitchenette in the living community) & D (single apartments)
OeAD-Guesthouse Tigergasse
Category A (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet, kitchenette in the living community)
OeAD-Apartment Obermüllnerstraße
Category J (double room, kitchenette)
Home4Students Große Schiffgasse
Category K (bed in a double room)
PopUp dorms*:
Category A  (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet, kitchenette in the living community)
Category A  (single room in a living community - bathroom/toilet, kitchenette in the living community) & H (bed in a double room in living community)  

* If you are considering this option, please note:

The PopUp dorms, as well as Sonnenallee are located in Seesadt Aspern, which is a recently developed area and rather isolated from the rest of the city. The advantages of this dorm are: it is one of the best options in terms of value for money and the area is reasonably well connected through public transportation. The subway line U2 (purple line) is a direct connection to WU and the city center. Commuting time to WU is approximately 20 minutes and around 35 minutes to the city center (Station: Karlsplatz. Please note, the Vienna subway system does not have 24 hour service except on weekends and the day preceding a public holiday. During the week the last subway runs at around 00:15. Afterwards, the Vienna NightLine buses are the only public option. Seestadt is not yet well connected to the NightLine system, meaning that a trip after the last subway train will take you up to 1.5 hours, two transfers, and a 15 minute walk to get home.

Private accommodation - Housing Anywhere

We partnered up with HousingAnywhere, the international booking platform, to provide additional accommodation options for International students. HousingAnywhere has specialized in helping international students find and book their new room abroad, and is doing that for over 150 universities worldwide.

Students of WU are entitled to Priority Access to HousingAnywhere and the rooms available on the platform. You can sign up for this service here.

Have a look at the available accommodation in Vienna. To learn more about the city and the different neighborhoods, we recommend that you check HousingAnywhere’s Dedicated City Guide for Vienna.

Watch the video below for more information:

Video HousingAnywhere: how to book

HousingAnywhere: how to book

Other student residence providers

If you don't find what you're looking for on Housing Anywhere, you can also try one of the following services. Please note that these are third-party/commercial websites and that we provide the information below to help you choose the best suitable accommodation. We try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but please review the exact terms and conditions of your final choice, as changes may have been made since the last update.

The Student Hotel Vienna

  • Minimum rental period: 1-3 months stay possible upon request, opening discount prices for a 4-7 months stay from € 685

  • Costs per month: special opening discount prices to be booked until September 2020

  • One subway station away from WU campus


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  • Additional costs which may apply: A one month deposit.

  • Room facilities:

    • A single occupancy room, fully furnished, flat screen TV

    • A private bathroom in the room

    • AC and heating

    • Access to a communal kitchen

    • High-speed wifi

    • Bike sharing system

    • Communal spaces: study room, gym, game and lounge areas

    • Onsite restaurant, bar, and laundry room.

    • Security and 24/7 reception

    • Bed linen and towels are changed once a month

    • Room cleaning every other month

    • All-inclusive bills, no registration fee, no end cleaning fee etc.

  • Check out their terms and conditions as well as their website.


Campus Studios (Akademikerhilfe)

  • Located next to WU campus

  • Single and double studios from € 505 per month

  • Long and short term contracts

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  • € 20 registration fee
    € 30 processing fee
    € 30 building fee
    € 30 Residence Representation fee
    € 1200 deposit
    € 100 final cleaning fee

  • Short term contracts
    - 12 to 91 days
    - Costs are calculated per night instead of per month
    - No deposit
    - All fees, including accomodation costs have to be paid up front

  • Long term contracts
    - Minimum stay of three monthts
    - Monthly payment of rent via SEPA direct debit mandate
    - Deposit and all other fees due when you have accepted the contract may be paid with credit card.
    - Cancellation notice period of two months

    Please note: The standard contract period for these apartments is 12 months. However, as long as you stay for a minimum of three months, you can cancel your contract at any point, as long as you adhere to the two months cancellation period. In principle, you have the possibility to get a shorter contract for one semester as well; however, you have no possibility to extend your contract, should you wish to stay for an additional month.

  • Check out their website

Linked Living Apartments

  • Minimum stay of 6 months

  • 10 minute walk from WU campus

  • Apartments from € 599 per month
    Please note: You will need to provide proof of sufficient funds (three months' rent).

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  • € 250 administration fee
    Deposit of three months' rent,
    € 75 final cleaning fee

  • Cancellation notice period of three months

  • Two people maximum per apartment

  • Check out their website


  • Two different locations each a 5 minute walk from WU campus

  • Apartments from € 619 per month

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  • € 20 processing fee
    € 80 booking fee
    € 1100 deposit,
    € 50 annual fee
    € 80 final cleaning fee
    2 months' rent in advance
    One of the locations charges an additional € 25 for a Wi-Fi router. Please see their website for details.

  • Payment via VISA, Mastercard or money transfer (eps)

  • Bed linens, dishes, towels, cleaning equipment are not included

  • The usual contract period covers regular semester dates (Sept/Oct - Jan/Feb or Feb/March – June/July). In some cases, individual contract periods may be arranged (subject to availability).

  • Check out their website


  • Minimum stay of 2 months

  • 10 minute walk from WU campus

  • Apartments from € 870 per month

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  • All apartments include a loggia, a terrace, or a balcony

  • € 90 processing fee
    € 2000 deposit

  • Dishes, towels and bed sheets not included (bed sheets and kitchen packages may be booked at additional charge)

  • Check out their website