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What is the minimum/maximum amount of ECTS credits I can register for?

WU expects you to register for 24 to 30 ECTS credits per semester. Please make sure to fulfill the requirements of your home university.

You can register for a maximum of 36 ECTS credits per semester, excluding language courses.

I need a spot in a specific class in order to graduate. What should I do?

If you have very specific requirements from your home university, please contact us as soon as possible (well before course registration starts). Please note that we cannot guarantee a spot in a specific course, but we will do our best to help you.

Where can I find information about ECTS credits?

Please refer to the ECTS credits listed in the brief course descriptions in the “Course Catalog”.

Is attendance mandatory?

In general, attendance is mandatory for nearly all courses at WU. Nevertheless, the specific requirements differ from course to course and are indicated in the official course syllabus.

Continuous assessment course


Course examination


Lecture with interactive elements


Research seminar


Workshop-type course


Where can I find the examination type of a course?

You can find the examination type in abbreviated form in the “Course Catalog”.

For details regarding examination types please refer to the question “Is attendance mandatory?

Can I leave early?

At WU, the academic year is divided into a winter semester (from October to January) and a summer semester (from March to June). You can find our official academic calendar and semester dates here.

In the winter semester, leaving early is possible because many WU courses end before Christmas. Please make sure to register only for courses you will be able to attend in full.

Erasmus+ students: The departure date on your confirmation of stay will be the last day you have to be present at WU, i.e. the day of your last course or exam. Erasmus+ students have to make sure to attend courses over a time span of more than 90 days in order to receive the scholarship.

I have to register for courses over a period of 90 days (minimum duration of my Erasmus+ scholarship). What does that mean?

The following information is only relevant to students who are eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

The formal duration of your stay starts with the first day you have to be present at WU. The last day of your study period is the last session of your courses (i.e. the last day you have to be present at WU). The first day of the Welcome Days count as the first day of your studies, since attendance is mandatory. It does not mean that you have to take a single course for the duration of 90 days. The whole study period – from the first to the last day – needs to be a minimum of 90 days in total.

If you have any questions regarding your study period, please contact your regional coordinator.

Are all sessions of a course indicated in the schedule or is there a special exam week?

In all but "LVP" courses, exams and tests are held during the regular sessions announced for the course. There is no special exam week after the semester ends. Often, the final test will take place in the last session. The course instructor will explain all aspects of student performance assessment during the first session.

For the very few LVP courses open to exchange students, like "Introduction to Tax Law", you have to register separately for the exam taking place in one of the 3 exam weeks (at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the semester). Exception: for the Foreign Language Business Communication IV - English (EBC IV) courses, you will receive all details regarding registration and exam dates from the instructor.

You can find more information on course types in the section "Is attendance mandatory?" above.

What does “weekly credit hours” mean?

The term “weekly credit hours” refers to the amount of time spent in the classroom and is calculated on the basis of the whole semester, which consists of 15 weeks. If a course has 2 weekly credit hours, this means that 30 contact hours are held in total (1 contact hour = 45 minutes class time). Many of our courses are taught in a block format, however, and do not take place at the same time every week of the semester. All scheduled units are indicated in the course syllabus, including tests and exams.

There is no fixed conversion from weekly credit hours to ECTS credits, since ECTS credits refer to the total workload of a course, i.e. in-class time plus all activities outside the classroom, such as time needed to complete assignments, to prepare presentations, to study for exams, etc.

1 weekly credit hour = 15 contact hours or 11.25 full hours (45 minutes * 15 weeks)

I have bachelor’s-level status at my home university and I wonder if I can attend courses on master's level or vice versa?

You can only take courses in your respective study cycle (bachelor's students on bachelor's level and master's students on master's level).

Can I drop a course after the end of the registration period?

If a course has not started yet, dropping this course is still possible – please contact as soon as possible. Please do not forget to indicate your WU student ID number as well as the course number when emailing us.

If a course has already started, it may no longer be possible to deregister, and you need written permission from the course instructor to drop the course. As soon as you have completed a performance component, you can no longer be deregistered and have to receive a grade for the respective course.

What happens if I fail the final exam?

Usually, a retake of a single performance component (such as the final exam) is not possible. Students may, however, repeat the whole course in the following semester. If students miss a performance component which is essential for the completion of the course (e.g. final exam) due to illness or accident confirmed by a doctor’s certificate, they are allowed to repeat or compensate for this assessment.

Are there any German language courses available?

Yes! The Business Language Center offers German language courses on all levels.

Duration6 weeks (half-term), consisting of 6 or 12 sessions with a total of 22.5 teaching hours
Workload30 contact hours/3 ECTS credits
Grading/transcriptUpon successful completion of the language course a certificate will be issued by WU’s Business Language Center. Participants will also receive grades according to the Austrian grading scheme (1=Excellent to 5=Fail).

These courses will not appear on the transcript.
Course levelsA1-C2 (CEFR)
FeeEUR 207 (reduced price for WU students)
Registrationonline or in person

The Business Language Center offers a huge variety of additional language courses. You can find a complete overview here.

For further information please refer to the webpage of the Business Language Center.

Where can I find more information about the tools and online services I need?

You can find an overview of all tools and online services here.