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Step 2: Application and selection procedures

Application period for the 2025/26 winter semester: The rolling admissions schedule comprises three application deadlines. The earlier you apply, the sooner you’ll know if you receive a place in the program.

To begin the application process for the MSc programs, you will need to submit the completed online application form and all necessary documents as PDF files in original language. Please note that any documents issued in a language other than German or English must be submitted accompanied by a certified translation. Check the legibility of your PDF files before submitting the application.

Required documents (as PDF files, max. size: 2 MB each upload):

  • If you have already completed your relevant first degree program: Degree certificate

  • Official transcripts of all courses passed within the relevant first degree program, including grades, weekly hours and/or ECTS credits or credits. Please read carefully through our Information about evaluation

  • Information provided by your university about the legally required duration of the program and the number of ECTS credits or credits or weekly hours required for the completion of the program (e.g. Diploma Supplement or confirmation issued by your university, WU students are not required to provide this information).

  • Official confirmation indicating all courses you still have to pass for completion of the program. The confirmation has to indicate the weekly hours and/or ECTS credits or credits required for each course (for WU students not required)

  • Proof of adequate competence in English

  • Passport (only the page with your personal information)

  • In case of change of name after completion of the first degree program: the document proofing this change (e.g. marriage certificate)

  • Proof of aptitude: Valid GMAT Exam result of at least 500 points / valid GMAT Online Exam result of at least 500 points / valid GMAT Focus Edition Exam result of at least 495 points. Please allow enough time for test registration and evaluation. The official confirmation of your result, which you must upload, takes up to twenty days.

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Motivation letter(max. 3200 characters; not required as an upload but to be prepared in advance and entered into the online application form)

If you do not meet the specific requirements [compare step 1] with your bachelor program, you can upload official transcripts (stamped and signed or it has to bear a verifiable digital signature by your university) with additional courses. Please note that we only use relevant courses from a different study at a recognized post-secondary educational institution. If the university/institution does not use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), we will need an official information about the legally required duration of the program and the number of credits or weekly hours required for the completion of the program.

*Submitting a GMAT result / GMAT Online result / GMAT Focus Edition result is obligatory for all applicants except WU students.

Instead of the GMAT Exam / GMAT Online Exam / GMAT Focus Edition Exam, WU students can submit the following:

  • The weighted grade point average (GPA) of all exams completed as part of the relevant study program instead of the GMAT/GMAT Online/GMAT Focus Edition. You can download your GPA confirmation as a PDF file. AND

  • letter(s) of recommendation written by a course teacher, an advisor or supervisor of an academic thesis, or the educational institution at which the course or courses were attended or the academic thesis was written, detailing your achievement potential.

Taking the GMAT/GMAT Online/GMAT Focus Edition is also highly recommended for WU students.

If you fulfill the requirements, your application will be forwarded to a panel of experts. They will determine your aptitude for the program based on the documents submitted.

The applicants with the highest total aptitude ratings will be offered admission to the program selected as their first or highest preference. To claim your place, you must confirm the admission offer in writing and pay the admission deposit in the amount of € 200 within 10 days. Any offers that are not confirmed within 10 days, both by sending a written confirmation and paying the deposit, will be withdrawn. After the last available priority deadline, they will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.

If you accept the admission offer and pay the admission deposit, you will receive an admission confirmation.

Online application tool

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