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Legalization and Translation: Oman

Legalization Guidelines

Your documents and their translations require an apostille. Oman is a member state of the Apostille Convention.

The apostille is issued by certain public authorities of each country that is a contracting state of the Apostille Convention.

Please note:

  • The original document must bear an apostille. Alternatively, the apostille may be affixed to an extra sheet attached to the original document.

  • We only accept documents that have been certified by a public authority confirming the authenticity of the signature of the person who has issued the document.

  • We do not accept documents certified by a notary public or a public authority merely confirming that the copy is identical to the original (certified copies).

  • Only documents issued by a public authority can be legalized by an apostille. Each individual contracting state defines independently which documents are regarded as public and which as private.

Private documents must be certified by the responsible authority (e.g. a government ministry of education) or a notary public before being legalized by an apostille. The responsible authority or the notary public must confirm the authenticity of the signature of the person who has issued the document.

We do not accept certified copies (documents merely confirming that the copy is identical to the original).

Required procedure:

  1. Legalization by the appropriate government ministry (Ministry of Education/Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation) of Oman

  2. Additional legalization by an apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman


Valid proof of your general university entrance qualification must be provided by submitting a confirmation of graduation from the respective educational institution. The confirmation of graduation must be issued either in English or bilingually in Arabic and English. The English/bilingual graduation certificate must be submitted together with the Arabic graduation document (e.g. school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree certificate). The Arabic graduation document does not require legalization or translation.

If an English or bilingual graduation certificate and/or transcript is not issued by your educational institution, please contact the Admissions Office.

Translation Guidelines

You can present your documents either in German or in English. If the documents were issued in a language other than German or English, they must be translated.

Unfortunately, there are no court-certified interpreters for the German or English language in Oman. For this reason, only translations by an officially registered, sworn interpreter from Austria are accepted.

Please note:

  • The original document must have all the required legalization stamps before it is translated.

  • All stamps/seals and legalization notes on the document (including items on the back of the page) must be translated as well.

  • The translation must be permanently attached to the original document by the interpreter.

Click here for a list of all Austrian certified court interpreters (in German)