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Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching at WU means:

  • All courses take place on-campus and are simultaneously streamed online.

  • Students participate either on-campus or online.

  • Hybrid courses are marked "HM" for hybrid mode, both inthe room and the course catalog.

The contact hours between teachers and students correspond to the credit hours allocated to the respective course. The required attendance, both for on-campus and online courses, depends on the course type.

In general, the hybrid mode is suitable for:

  • Teaching formats that specifically target international students (e.g. BBE, MA programs, Engage.EU Courses).

  • Courses that enable all students to participate, regardless of their individual limitations (e.g., care responsibilities, quarantine, limited mobility).

  • Courses that focus on acquiring digital competencies and aim at merging physical and virtual study environments.

Tips for hybrid courses:

How to design hybrid teaching/learning?

Tips for information & clarification of expectations

Tips on how to use technology

Tips for moderation & support

Tips for collaboration & exchange

Basic information about the "Hybrid" format can be found on the "Course Delivery Formats" webpage.