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Osaid Alshamleh, M.Sc.

Osaid Alshamleh Profile Picture

Osaid obtained his bachelor’s degree in accounting from An-Najah National university, Palestine. He then moved to Dubai to take on his first job in a financial services company in handling corporate’s international financial transfers. In 2019, Osaid moved to Cyprus where he did his master’s degree in Banking and finance at Eastern Mediterranean University. He also holds qualifications in Investment Appraisal and Project Finance from Queen’s University, Canada.

After completing his master’s, Osaid worked as a financial analyst in a consulting and research firm, Cambridge Resources International Inc. His main areas of expertise are Tax policy and cost benefit analysis. He participated in the analysis and design of several governments' tax systems and the appraisal of several public projects in cooperation with different international institutions such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Osaid has also been active in research where he published articles on the incidence of indirect taxes and the digitalization of VAT systems.

Core discipline: Business