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Bret Bogenschneider, PhD, JD, LL.M., BA

Photograph: Bret Bogenschneider

Bret N. Bogenschneider successfully completed the doctoral program at WU in October 2016 with the dissertation: A Postmodern Approach to International Business Taxation. The dissertation was published as a series of 18 full-​length law review articles in Europe and the United States including the well-​known pieces: Wittgenstein on Why Tax Law is Comprehensible, Google’s “Alphabet Soup” in Delaware and The Missing Hegelian Revival in Tax Jurisprudence. After finishing the DIBT, Bret Bogenschneider worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Bret successfully defended his thesis on 13.10.2016

Core Discipline: Law