Pre-doc positions

Work at WU while writing your dissertation

Teaching and research associate (Universitätsassistent/in prae doc) m/f/d

Do you want to combine writing your dissertation with a job at WU, or are you considering an academic career? This position is an attractive entry-level job for these scenarios.

In addition to earning your doctoral degree and advancing your academic expertise, you will also have the opportunity to develop your teaching skills. Supervisors, team members, and individual continuing education programs provide the necessary support.

  • Objective: Write your dissertation, supervised by institute faculty

  • Teach your own courses

  • Employment contract, usually for 6 years at 30 hours/week

  • One third of your working time can be dedicated to your own research

  • Organizational and administrative responsibilities

Research project staff member

Are you passionate about research? A number of different third-party-funded research projects offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion for research as a research project staff member.

While the main focus of your work is definitively research, research project staff members are occasionally involved in teaching in exceptional cases.

  • Project-based research work

  • Provide support for the unit’s research work

  • Support the unit’s organizational and administrative responsibilities

  • These positions are always financed with third-party funding.

What do pre-doc employees appreciate the most about working at WU?

  • Personal freedom, family-friendly, appreciative atmosphere

  • Generous support for continuing education and travel

  • Good infrastructure, both technically and spatially

  • Top business and economics university with renowned experts on the faculty and a diverse range of subjects

  • Inspiring campus life shared with 2,400 like-minded people in research, teaching, and administration; over 21,500 students

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Tuong-Vi Sophie Quach, MA
Teaching and research associate

"At WU, I have the opportunity to realize my potential in all areas – as a researcher, as a lecturer, and also as a person. And I’m part of a strong community: Campus WU, located right next to Prater Park, is a place where students, faculty, and staff can grow together. Every day, we all learn with and from each other. By the way, my vegetables also grow very well at WU, thanks to the urban gardening spaces available on campus."

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