The Senate of WU

Along with the Rector’s Council and the University Board, the Senate is the highest governing body of the university. It has key decision-making powers in matters related to academic programs and examinations.

The Senate of WU consists of 26 members. The Senate’s term of office is three years. The responsibilities of the Senate are defined in the Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz) and primarily include the following:

  • Passing and amending the WU By-Laws, based on proposals by the Rector’s Council

  • Approving the draft Strategic Plans submitted by the Rector’s Council and the Organizational Structure Plan

  • Approving job openings for the position of Rector

  • Drawing up a shortlist with three candidates for electing a new Rector

  • Right to comment on the Rector’s proposed candidates for the Vice-Rector positions

  • Changing the member count of the University Board and electing University Board members

  • Participation in habilitation and senior faculty recruitment proceedings

  • Issuing opinions in preliminary appeal procedures in study-related matters

  • Passing and amending curricula for degree programs and certificate programs

  • Appointing collegial bodies

  • Setting up the Equal Opportunities Committee

  • Nominating members to the Arbitration Board