University Management

As defined by the University Act 2002, WU's management consists of three major governing bodies: the University Board, the Rector's Council, and the Senate.

  • The University Board is a supervisory board with five members and meets four to six times a year. The University Board acts as WU’s supervisory board.

  • The Rector's Council is the main executive body at WU, leading the institution. It consists of five members, the Rector and four Vice-Rectors.

  • The Rector coordinates the Rector's Council and is its spokesperson.

  • The Senate is the WU governing body that holds a direct democratic mandate, as its members are elected by the university’s faculty, staff, and students. The Senate has 26 members: 13 representatives of WU’s full professors, 6 representatives of WU’s junior academic staff, 1 administrative staff representative, and 6 student representatives. The tasks and responsibilities of the Senate are specified in § 25 (1) of the Universities Act 2002.