Studierende lernen in der Bibliothek im LC Gebäude

University Library


Study Zones for Students

The WU Library operates modern and functional study spaces with a wide range of services for students in the Library & Learning Center and the two branch libraries. We actively support WU’s strategic goal to promote innovative teaching and learning.

Academic Media, Specialized Information, and Data

The Library’s academic media and specialized information holdings advance research, teaching, and academics at WU. In both quantity and quality, they reflect WU’s leading role as the largest business and economics university in Austria and one of the most important institutions of its kind in Europe.

Information and Media Skills

Information and media literacy skills are essential in an academic environment. In the Library’s service portfolio, these include professional media and data research, methodical research skills, modes of access to academic information, bibliography management, citations, evaluating sources, selecting search tools, and the information life cycle.

Services for Research and the Sciences at WU

A large portion of the University Library resources are dedicated to promoting research and scientific advancement. Many general library services, like open access, the branch libraries, and the liaison librarians primarily offer support services to WU’s academic staff.