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Data Pro­tec­tion State­ment

Per­sonal data

Any per­sonal data (e.g. name, mail­ing ad­dress, email ad­dress, other per­sonal in­form­a­tion) you sub­mit to Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness (here­in­after re­ferred to as WU) will be used only for the in­dic­ated pur­pose, stored se­curely, and not dis­closed to third parties, un­less ex­pressly re­quired by law. WU will send you a con­firm­a­tion if you have signed up for spe­cific ser­vices.

Your right to with­draw con­sent

You have the right to with­draw your con­sent at any time. If you with­draw your con­sent, your data will be de­leted im­me­di­ately, so that it can no longer be used in any way. You can find the ap­pro­pri­ate email ad­dresses you can con­tact to with­draw your con­sent or un­sub­scribe wherever you ori­gin­ally signed up for the re­spect­ive mail­ing list, data­base, or news­let­ter.

Us­age data

For each visit of the WU web­site or ac­cess to con­tent provided on pages with the do­main name “,” WU sets a cookie on the device used to ac­cess its web con­tent. These cook­ies are small pieces of data that are cre­ated on the vis­itor’s device for the sole pur­pose of ad­just­ing the dis­play set­tings of the ac­cessed web­site to the device used.

You can de­ac­tiv­ate cook­ies in your browser set­tings, but in some cases, this may af­fect the us­ab­il­ity of the WU web­site.

Whenever WU web pages are ac­cessed, the fol­low­ing data is stored on WU’s servers:

  • IP ad­dress from which the WU web pages are ac­cessed

  • Ac­cess date and time

  • Ac­cess method (e.g. GET)

  • Ac­cessed URL

  • Ac­cess pro­to­col used (e.g. HTTP/1.1)

  • HTTP re­sponse status code

  • File size

  • Re­fer­ring page (re­fer­rer URL)

  • Op­er­at­ing sys­tem and browser type (user agent)

Ana­lysis of the data col­lec­ted

The stored data is ana­lyzed for the fol­low­ing pur­poses:

  • Gen­er­at­ing an­onym­ized us­age stat­ist­ics

  • Web­site ad­min­is­tra­tion tasks

  • Op­tim­iz­ing web­site us­ab­il­ity

  • Mon­it­or­ing web­site us­age and en­sur­ing per­form­ance

  • Com­pil­ing demo­graphic data

  • Im­prov­ing the qual­ity of the on­line con­tent offered

  • En­sur­ing cor­rect op­er­a­tion

  • En­for­cing the ap­plic­able terms of use

The data is not used for any per­son­al­ized ana­lyses.


The ma­ter­i­als and in­form­a­tion provided on the WU web­site have been re­viewed with great care. However, WU can­not guar­an­tee the ac­cur­acy, com­plete­ness, or valid­ity of the in­form­a­tion provided. Any li­ab­il­ity on the part of WU is there­fore ex­pressly ex­cluded. Links to ex­ternal web­sites have been care­fully chosen. However, since WU has no con­trol over the con­tents of ex­ternal web­sites, WU as­sumes no re­spons­ib­il­ity for them.