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Human Work in the Age of AI
Four WU Researchers talk about the influence of AI on human work in various facets
Women and financial literacy
Wanted: Fearless Girls with Financial Savvy
Risks of poverty for women in Austria
Karin Heitzmann, leader of the research institute Economics of Inequality talks about risks of poverty for women in Austria
Austria’s gender pay gap is among the worst in Europe
The forthcoming Austrian Income Transparency Act, which will enter into effect by 2026, is expected to bring significant improvements.
WU welcomes new professor
Mila Lazarova will be strengthening the research and teaching activities of WU starting in May.
Over 100,000 euros for WU research project on migration
The City of Vienna is funding a research project at WU on the communication of migration knowledge through a new science call
New professor of ethics in management to join WU faculty
Martin Kornberger, professor of ethics in management, will be contributing his expertise to the Department of Management.
3 research projects related to COVID-19 funded
Research on the effects of the corona crisis needed in all areas
Life After Corona
WU experts answer questions about the effects of COVID19 on the economy, the law, and society
60% of North Koreans live in absolute poverty
The share of people living in absolute poverty in North Korea is higher than once thought, making it one of the poorest countries on Earth.
Happy consumption strengthens bonds with brands
Happy consumption experiences like increase psychological ownership for brands and products and can influence consumer behavior.
100 questions, 100 answers
Over the past year, WU researchers answered 100 of your questions.