WU launches admission procedures for all bachelor’s programs


WU’s programs are in very high demand again this year, with the number of applicants again surpassing last year’s levels.

WU has received 3,803 registrations for the 2,703 places available in the German-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo) this year. This is roughly equivalent to last year’s figure (3,856 registrations). WU’s mix of an education in business and economics combined with a solid legal education already met with high demand last year. For this reason, WU introduced a selection procedure for its Bachelor's Program in Business Law (WiRe) last year. Demand for WU´s law program has now gone up even further compared to 2019. This year, 1,545 people registered for the 870 places available in the Business Law program (up from 1,167 last year). The English-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics (BBE) also met with strong interest. With 1,922 applications received for the 240 places available in the program, the number of registrations also surpassed last year’s count of 1,392. Of all WU bachelor’s programs, international demand is strongest for the BBE program, with applications coming in from 106 nations.

Next deadline: June 2

All prospective students who have signed up now have until June 2 to complete WU’s online self-assessment test and, for the BBE program, submit a motivation statement. By June 9, all applicants will be notified of whether the last stage of the selection procedure will be held for the program of their choice. Due to the COVID-19 situation, no entrance exams will be held this year for the WiSo and WiRe programs. Instead, applicants will have to hand in an essay until July 8 (for WiSo and WiRe) and answer some (open) knowledge questions (only for WiSo). For the BBE program, the entrance exam will be held online on July 7. 

Strong interest as an indicator of high quality

WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger is pleased to see so much interest in WU’s academic programs again. “This strong demand is a positive sign for us. It confirms that our business, economics, and law programs are widely known for their high quality, both nationally and internationally,” says Rector Hanappi-Egger.  She also points out that the selection procedures have positive effects on student performance in the individual programs. “It’s good that prospective students have to actively reflect on their choice of program. The online self-assessment helps them make an informed decision. In the past, we’ve seen that students who participate in selection procedures go on to complete more exams in their academic program. We’re looking forward to welcoming our new students.”

Further timeline for admission to WU bachelor’s programs
By June 2: Completion of the online self-assessment test (WiSo/BBE/WiRe) and submission of the motivation statement (BBE)
By June 9: Students are notified of whether last stage of the selection procedure will be carried out.

If stage 3 is carried out:
July 7: Online entrance exam (BBE)
By July 8: Submission of the essay (WiSo/WiRe) and the answers to the knowledge questions (WiSo)

Further information on the selection procedures is also available at:

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