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WU Awards 2023: Turning the spotlight on excellence


At the "WU Awards 2023" ceremony, members of the WU community were honored for their excellent achievements.

Students, teachers, and researchers have all distinguished themselves with valuable contributions to the further development of academia, the economy, and society.

WU is one of Europe’s leading business and economics universities. This is confirmed not only by WU’s triple accreditation awarded by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA but also by top placements in international rankings for WU programs and numerous awards and distinctions. The members of the WU community deliver excellence on a daily basis – in their teaching and research. Once a year, WU presents the WU Awards to turn the spotlight on the outstanding achievements of its students, teachers, and researchers. The award winners, many of them recipients of multiple awards, have distinguished themselves through their academic curiosity, their novel approaches to teaching and knowledge transfer, and their innovative research.

Award-winning teaching: The Excellent and Innovative Teaching Awards

For the Excellent Teaching Award, WU students nominate the teachers who have particularly inspired and motivated them with their enthusiasm for sharing their expertise during the previous academic year.

    Recipients of the Excellent Teaching Award

    Recipients of the Excellent Teaching Award

    © Lukas Pelz

    Recipients of the 2023 Excellent Teaching Award:

    • Francisca Bremberger: Economics

    • Manfred Frühwirth: Finance, Accounting and Statistics 

    • Gerhard Furtmüller: Management 

    • Ana Garcia Esteban: Business Communication

    • Christian Illetschko: Private Law

    • Claudia Klausegger: Marketing 

    • Georg Lienbacher: Public Law and Tax Law

    • Magdalena Mayr: Public Law and Tax Law

    • Michael Posch: Management 

    • Daniel Peter Schmidt: Public Law and Tax Law

    Video WU Awards - Exzellente Lehre

    WU Awards - Exzellente Lehre

    Particularly novel and creative course designs are recognized with the Innovative Teaching Award. This year’s awards focused on international teaching and learning.

    Recipients of the Innovative Teaching Award

    Recipients of the Innovative Teaching Award

    © Lukas Pelz

    Recipients of the 2023 Innovative Teaching Award, focus „Teaching in Teams: Innovative Collaborations and Partnerships“:  

    • Bettina Fuhrmann, Michael Posch: Elective – Financial Management and Financial Education

    • Miya Komori-Glatz: English Business Communication 3 

    • Margit Kastner: Marketing  

    • Monika Koller, Barbara Hartl, Renato Regis: Marketing and Consumer Research Project 

    • Elmar Kiesling, Ronald Hochreiter, Axel Polleres, Alfred Taudes: Data Science Lab 

    • Christian Haas: Strategy and Innovation 

    • Benjamin Monsorno, Jakob Pohlisch: Industry and Innovation 

    • Verena Dorner: Research Lab A Experiments on Digital Behavior 

    • Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling: Information Systems and Operations Management 

    Video WU Awards - Innovative Lehre

    WU Awards - Innovative Lehre

    A spotlight on research excellence

    WU Vienna makes outstanding contributions to help solve the economic, social, and ecological challenges of our time, on both regional and global levels.

    Recipients of the Star Journals Award:

    • Reisenbichler, M., Reutterer, T., Schweidel, D. A.,& Dan, D. (2022). Frontiers: Supporting Content Marketing with Natural Language Generation. Marketing Science, 41(3) 

    • Klein, A.,Grabner, I., & Speckbacher, G. (2022). Managing the trade-off between autonomy and task interdependence in creative teams: The role of organizational-level cultural control. Accounting, Organizations and Society. 

    • Ada, S., Abou Nabout, N., & McDonnell Feit, E. (2022). Context Information Can Increase Revenue in Online Display Advertising Auctions: Evidence from a Policy Change. Journal of Marketing Research, 59(5),  

    • Bornemann, T., Jacob, M., & Sailer, M. (2023). Do Corporate Taxes Affect Executive Compensation? Accounting Review, 98(2), 31–58. 

    • Valendin, J., Reutterer, T., Platzer, M., & Kalcher, K. (2022). Customer base analysis with recurrent neural networks. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 

    • Feichter, C., Moers, F., & Timmermans, O. (2022).Relative Performance Evaluation and Competitive Aggressiveness. Journal of Accounting Research.

    • Feichter, C. (2023). The effect of supervisors’ prior task performance on employees’ targets.

    • Bräuer, K., Hackethal, A., & Hanspal, T. (2022). Consuming Dividends. Review of Financial Studies,

    • Kartal, M., & Tyran, J-R. (2022). Fake News, Voter Overconfidence, and the Quality of Democratic Choice. American Economic Review

    • Bloom, D., Kuhn, M., & Prettner, K. (2022). Modern Infectious Diseases: Macroeconomic Impacts and Policy Responses. Journal of Economic Literature

    • Schamp, C., Heitmann, M., Tammo, B., & Katzenstein, R. (2022). The Effectiveness of Cause-Related Marketing: A Meta-Analysis on Consumer Responses. Journal of Marketing  

    • Hartmann, J., Heitmann, M., Siebert, C., & Schamp, C. (2022). More than a Feeling: Accuracy and Application of Sentiment Analysis. International Journal of Research in Marketing. 

    • Peres, R., Schreier, M., Schweidel, D. A., & Sorescu, A. (2023). Blockchain Meets Marketing: Opportunities, Threats, and Avenues for Future Research. International Journal of Research in Marketing 

    • Fuchs, M., & Schreier, M. (2022). EXPRESS: Paying Twice for Aesthetic Customization? The Negative Effect of Uniqueness on a Product’s Resale Value. 

    • Szücs, F., & Stiebale, J. (2022). Mergers and market power: evidence from rivals’ responses in European markets. 

    Video WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung 1

    WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung…

    Video WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung 2

    WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung…

    Video WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung 3

    WU Awards - Exzellente Forschung…

    Recipients of the 2023 Best Paper Award:

    • Pasquale Della Corte, Lucio Sarno, Maik Schmeling, Christian Wagner. 2022. Exchange Rates and Sovereign Risk. Management Science, 68(8), pp. 5591–5617

    • Melis Kartal, Jean-Robert Tyran. 2022. Fake News, Voter Overconfidence, and the Quality of Democratic Choice. American Economic Review, 112(10), pp. 3367–3397

    • Nina Boberg-Fazli´c, Markus Lampe, Pablo Martinelli Lasheras, Paul Sharp. 2022. Winners and losers from agrarian reform: Evidence from Danish land inequality 1682–1895. Journal of Development Economics, 105, 10281.

    • Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal. 2022. Consuming Dividends. The Review of Financial Studies 35(10). pp. 4802–4857. Tobin Hanspal

    Talenta: Our award for excellent theses by WU students

    Together with the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna, WU presents the Talenta Awards to the authors of the year’s three best bachelor’s and master's theses. The promising theses written by our (young) researchers are highly socially relevant.

    Recipients of the Talenta, master’s theses

    Recipients of the Talenta, master’s theses

    © Lukas Pelz

    Award-winning master’s theses:

    • Mira Sophia Ulz: The glamorization of overwork – an empirical study of causes and perceptions of excessive work attitudes in the pursuit of managerial careers 

    • Alena Rosmanit: “Thank you for your donation!” How donation feedback and psychological distance can influence future donation behaviour. 

    • Carl Frederick Luthin: EU Investment Protection Policy: Removing Barriers to Climate Policy under the European Green Deal? 

    • Daniel Logar: Strategies of Success in the Music Business: A Big Data Analysis of Artistic Consistency in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts 

    • Moritz Hecht: The Accession of the European Union to the ECHR – A reflection on the past and future relationship between two supreme courts 

    Recipients of the Talenta, bachelor's theses

    Recipients of the Talenta, bachelor's theses

    © Lukas Pelz

    Award-winning bachelor’s theses:

    • Maximilian Heinze: The Forest be Mine: Analyzing the Impact of Mines on Deforestation in Indonesia 

    • Alexandra Mohler: ESG ratings and their impact on corporate sustainability management 

    • Christina Berger: How does the Impostor Syndrome affect women’s initiative in salary negotiations and what role do role expectations play in it? 

    • Julia Wetschnig: Investigating the drivers of influencer success on YouTube 

    • Tobias Huber: The Execution of Findings of the Constitutional Court by the Federal President according to Art 146 Abs 2 B-VG 

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