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Program portfolio and career prospects
WU's programs are characterized by the diversity and quality of the program portfolio, internationality, and close ties to the business.
Open-air exhibition about the history of WU
In 2023, WU celebrates its 125th anniversary and hosts an open-air exhibition on Campus WU.
WU faces up to its historical responsibility
WU is aware of its history and faces up to its historical responsibility.
Equal Opportunities and Inclusion
WU is committed to equal opportunities and inclusion, and it offers various programs and services that address these topics.
Gender equality in the spotlight
Providing equal opportunities for women and men is already common practice on several levels at WU. The number of male and female WU students and graduates is roughly the same and WU’s initiatives promote female talent.
At WU, We Live and Breathe Internationality
Open-mindedness has many facets: Exchange programs, scholarships, advisory boards to set new impulses for WU’s international orientation.
WU’s Impact on Society
WU sees itself not only as a place of research and teaching, but also as a place for exchanging knowledge and ideas with the public.
Mobility and Internationality
Mobility and internationality are embraced and supported at WU.
Open-minded by tradition: WU celebrates 125th anniversary
Founded in 1898, the Imperial Export Academy, a forerunner of WU, set new standards in higher education.
20 Years of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WU
The E&I institute is celebrating and it‘s success speaks for itself.
10-year anniversary of the “Lernen macht Schule” initiative
WU’s volunteering program aims to encourage WU students to engage in volunteer community work.
100 questions, 100 answers
Over the past year, WU researchers answered 100 of your questions.