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... in Tokyo, Japan

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

WU bachelor’s student Jasmin Fiereder spent an exchange semester at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. In an interview, she reports about her months abroad and explains what made her Japan experience so special.

Bild Jasmin Fiereder

You spent an exchange at Waseda. What was your personal motivation for doing so?

  • My motivation for choosing Waseda University was due to my profound interest in the economic developments of Japan. More specifically, Japanese commerce, finance, and business. I have had a keen interest in Japan ever since my early childhood.

Can you say something about the academic offer?

  • Waseda has a broad academic offer. Most of my courses had plenty of group projects, which was nice to get to know other students from around the world. Most of my classes were a mix between exchange students and local students. The Professors were helpful and you could always e-mail them if you had any questions, and they would always mail you back as soon as possible. Waseda also offers various clubs that cover a wide variety of fields, from music, sports to even animal welfare.

"I enjoyed the campus of Waseda because it is striking and combines modern buildings with different styles of architecture. There are many delicious yet cheap restaurants and cafés around. Especially during spring, Waseda is breathtakingly beautiful due to the many cherry trees on campus."

Which acquaintances and friendships did you make?

  • My exchange was phenomenal. One of the many reasons was because of the friends I made there. I consider most of the friends I met in Japan family. My friend group and I have a powerful bond because we shared numerous experiences and memories. We went on so many trips together: Every day was another adventure. I am so thankful for the friends that I got to know in Japan. The Japanese locals were alos kind and helpful. The Japanese friends I made tried their best to introduce me to Japanese culture and to new things.

How did you spend your time aside from university?

  • There is much to see in Tokyo. I always found it fascinating to see highly modern skyscrapers right next to a traditional shrine. If you are into nature, Tokyo offers many parks, such as Gion Park and Yoyogi Park. My favorite district in Tokyo is definitely Odaiba because it is similar to an artificial island. We even did a BBQ on a rooftop in Odaiba, which was a spectacular experience.

    As a group, we had many day trips because there are great places just near Tokyo. For instance, Chichibu, where there are beautiful flower fields. Kamakura has a tall and famous Buddha. Kawaguchiko has a beautiful view on Mount Fuji. I also went to Hakone, which is close to Tokyo too; we saw volcanoes and enjoyed their natural hot springs there.

Would you recommend a semester abroad in Japan to others?

  • I can strongly recommend a semester abroad in Japan. Japan is so different compared to western culture and it is fascinating how a country can be so traditional, yet so modern. Studying in Japan truly showed me how big the world is. I grew so much as a person and gained more confidence during my exchange. Thanks to my time in Japan, not only my business and economic knowledge advanced, but also my social skills and my understanding of other cultures.

Waseda University

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

  • Population Tokyo: approx. 9,640,742

  • Number of students: approx. 52,078

  • Exchange level: Bachelor