Ein Mann hält ein Papierflugzeug aus einer Weltkarte in die Höhe

... in Salamanca, Spain

Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

During her bachelor studies, Maria Halmaghi spent a semester abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca. For us, she answers questions about her studies abroad.

You spent an exchange at the Universidad de Salamanca. What was your personal motivation for doing so?

  • I explicitly chose the University of Salamanca because I had previously heard a lot of positive feedback from students who had studied at this university or visited this part of Spain. All of them told me that Salamanca is the perfect city for students because it is a small and lively place. The university offered many subjects that could be transfered to my WU degree. That was important to me because I was in the last semester of my studies and only had a few courses left. I was happy when I found out that subjects from the economics, business administration or SME programs were offered.

What was your experience of the partner university campus?

  • I was lucky that all my courses were on campus, as there were no restrictions during my stay in Salamanca. The campus is small and cozy and all the classes are held in the same building, which makes it very easy to find them. Also, there is a cafeteria on campus where you can have a snack with colleagues after class.

"During my stay I met people from all over the world, especially from European or Latin American countries. Everyone I met was cosmopolitan and friendly and wanted to learn more about the country you come from."

How did you spend your time outside university?

  • Besides the university, there were many activities to sign up for. For example, I participated in many weekend excursions to towns or villages near Salamanca. In addition, I participated in other events such as kayaking, museum visits, and mountain tours, all of which were organized with other Erasmus students. Every week, there were parties and student get-togethers where you could meet either locals or other Erasmus students.

Would you recommend a semester abroad in Spain?

  • I would recommend anyone to choose Spain as a destination for a semester abroad! It is a country full of beautiful cities that are worth seeing and a country that is wonderful to live in. Even though I lived in a relatively small city, I felt right at home during my stay in Salamanca. Spain is just the right place for a student looking for a different lifestyle, new friendships, parties and fun activities (or to improve their Spanish). I can definitely say that this semester had it all and I couldn't have made a better choice!

Universidad de Salamanca
  • Location: Salamanca, Spain

  • Population of Salamanca: ca. 332.234

  • Number of students: ca. 31.834

  • Exchange level: Bachelor