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WU mobility grant special support

On this page, you will find all relevant information to apply for the WU mobility grant special support.

General information

  • The special support of the WU mobility grant is aimed at those for whom a stay abroad represents a major financial challenge. The grant is intended to enable them to have an international exchange experience.

  • 10 WU mobility grants with special support will be awarded per academic year.

  • Special support can only be awarded for a stay abroad at a partner university in Africa, America, Asia, Australia as well as Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and Ukraine.

  • The federal study grant ("Studienbeihilfe") and the Austrian aid for study abroad (BAS = Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium) as well as other grants can be obtained in addition. However, funding from other grant-awarding authorities must be reported to the International Office!

  • Per study cycle, a maximum of one WU mobility grant special support can be obtained.

Application period

  • Dates and deadlines: Applications are possible in summer semester (March 1 - March 15) and winter semester (October 1 - October 15).

  • Students must apply for special support before the application periods for an exchange stay abroad.

Prerequisites & requirements

  • For regular WU students who can apply for a semester abroad or a double degree program at a WU partner university.

  • The formal minimum requirements are 36 ECTS credits in the bachelor's degree (excluding free electives) or admission to a program in the master's degree.

  • Approval for special support requires plausible proof of a special need. A special need can arise, for example, from social need, care obligations for children and/or other persons, disability, chronic illness (if this results in increased financial expenses during the stay abroad).

  • Additional award criteria that come into play are academic performance and extracurricular activities.

Financial information

  • On the basis of your target region, you can expect the following grant amount:

Region/countrySpecial support amount/monthTravel allowance
Latin America€700€600
North America€700€400
Asia (excl. Japan)€700€600
Australia & New Zealand€700€600
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Ukraine, Great Britain€700€300
  • The WU mobility grant will be paid out by WU. The amount of the first grant installment corresponds to the total amount of the awarded grant minus €200.

  • The second grant installment (€ 200) will be paid after your return if all documents have been submitted in due time.

Information regarding the federal study grant (Studienbeihilfe)


  • To apply for the WU mobility grant special support, please use this online form.

Documents to upload

Selection procedure and decision

  • Suitable candidates are selected by a selection committee consisting of the Vice Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, the Dean for International Affairs and a representative of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH WU). The selection is based on the following criteria:

    • Quality of the application (e.g. written expression, strength of argumentation, self-assessment).

    • Plausibility that without this grant a stay abroad would not be possible.

    • Academic achievements and, if applicable, other extracurricular commitments.

  • A notification about acceptance or rejection for special support will be sent to the WU email address before the application periods for a stay abroad.

  • Approval for special support is valid for two semesters. For example, an approval in February is valid for study abroad in the summer semester or winter semester of the following year. A confirmation in September is valid for stays abroad in the winter semester of the following year and summer semester of the year after.