Zwei Studierende stehen auf der Stiege im TC

The program


The Center of Excellence is not a conventional course. The cooperation between students, non-profit organizations, sponsoring partners and the academic staff allows the building of unique networks.

Every group has to define its own perception for “excellence” – in close cooperation with the sponsor you organize events and create your individual program.

As a member of a CoE-group you have the chance to get in touch with outstanding personalities, to develop your social skills and to bear responsibility for you and your group.

Building the groups

A group is built every winter semester. Our goal is to find the best students of all master programs of the WU and motivate them to active take part in the Center of Excellence. To ensure the quality of the academic support, there will not be more than approximately 40 students in a group.

We invite the master students to apply with a CV, bachelor (and if possible master) grades, certificates, references, and of course with a letter of motivation. The students are carefully selected by the academic supervisors and the CoE-coordinators.

Rules & Content

The Center of Excellence is planned for the duration of your master studies: 4 semesters. You have to be an active part of your group to get a certificate. But of course, it is no problem to spend your semester abroad.

Every group has to plan their program and select the actions for the next semesters at the Kick-Off-Event. In general, the students organize about 12 to 14 different events.