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Student Counselling

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Your wellbeing matters

Wellbeing is the foundation for studies as in life.

When you feel mentally, emotionally and physically well, life is in flow and you can do what is needed with ease and joy.

In daily life, however, stress, conflicts or sudden changes can cause us to lose our balance, to feel overwhelmed and lose focus. In these moments, it is helpful to have support and tools at hand.

This is exactly where our Student Counselling Program comes in!

We support you through emotionally challenging stages in your studies and offer various counseling formats and activities to strengthen your self-efficacy and to tackle difficult situations.

What we offer

You never walk alone

+++ Almost 50% of students in 2019 had experienced periods during their studies when they felt psychologically stressed and wished they had received help. +++

(IHS, Studierenden Sozialerhebung 2019)

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What's on your mind?

Share with us which topics you are currently concerned about. Filling out our questionnaire takes only two minutes. This way, you help us to develop and adjust our offerings to the needs of our students.

Team Student Wellbeing WU

Your wellbeing is at the heart of our work.