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Welcome to the BeAble website.

The BeAble support program is aimed at WU students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.

The BeAble team helps these students to study without obstacles.


Target Group

We offer support for students with impairments due to medical causes, such as:

  • Physical impairments

  • Psychological impairments

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Reading or writing difficulties

The target group does not include students with impairments that cannot be proven medically (e.g. language issues, organizational issues).

What We Offer

The BeAble program aims to simplify and improve the quality of everyday student life in order to compensate for any disadvantages students may have. We provide support in the following areas (among others):

  • Change of exam mode (extension of exam time, individual exam room, adapted/larger exam sheets, support via tutors)

  • Writing assistance (particularly for exams)

  • Help with registering for continuous assessment courses if students are unlikely to successfully register themselves due to a disability/chronic illness, or if students are not flexible time-wise because they need support/a personal assistant during class (e.g. a sign language interpreter)

  • Support with services by the SB-terminals (re-registration, printing of transcripts, confirmations etc.)

  • Counselling and guidance

  • Social Events

For more information on what we offer, please contact the BeAble Team.

Taking Part in the BeAble Program

Would you like to use the BeAble services? Please send the following information and documents to

  • Name, matriculation number, course of study

  • Type and, if applicable, expected duration of your study-related impairment

  • Recent medical certificate issued by a specialist (no older than 6 months); the certificate should also include recommendations for compensating for your impairment.

Further information

Here you can find information to further contacts and support services.

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