Zwei Studierende sitzen im Audimax

Students are helping future students


Moving to a new city or a country, dealing with all the paperwork, and finding a place to stay can be both exciting and stressful. That's why the WUMA student club- WUMA, WU’s Marketing Master Association -  has started the initiative of supporting our new students! Having a large international student community from all over the world allows to exchange valuable experiences.

For that matter, first-year students from WUMA hosted two Info Sessions in March and May for students who will start the MSc Marketing program in fall. A big thank you to Chris Bright (Canada), Dávid Dörgő (Hungary), Macgregor Smith (Australia), Pietro Casali (Italy), and Hyo Jung (Helena) Hwang (South Korea) for sharing their experiences on many topics such as accommodation, insurance, as well as administrative and academic topics!

We are very excited to welcome our next student cohort of 2022 soon! Feel free to follow WUMA on Instagram and LinkedIn, to keep up with their recent events and to get to know our amazing MSc Marketing student community!

Info Session

Students answered questions of future MSc Marketing students.

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