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Student Counselling

Student Counselling Program

Are you currently in a situation as a WU student that you feel like you can’t handle on your own? Do you feel like confidential counselling could help? Then you’ve come to the right place: the WU Student Counselling Program.

The Student Counselling Program is there to help students strengthen the skills they need to successfully complete their degree programs and learn to deal with stress factors and other challenges presented by student life.

The Student Counselling team can provide support in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Psycho-social problems affecting students’ quality of life and performance potential

  • Study-related problems, conflicts, and crises (e.g. writer’s block, concentration issues, reintegration into student life after a longer leave period, pre-exam anxiety)

  • Difficult social situations, for example balancing studies with a job or a family

  • Insecurity and anxiety, also with regard to life after university


In addition to workshops and moderated peer groups on topics likemotivation or pre-exam anxiety, the Student Counselling team also provides individual counselling by phone, email, or during office hours. Individual and small-group counselling sessions are available for students struggling with orientation, decision-making, and conflict situations. During these sessions, participants explore various alternatives for dealing with problem situations to help find the best possible solution. Close cooperation with other advisory services like the Student Ombuds Office or the WU ZBP Career Center allows us to provide students with optimal support.

Which topics are of your concern?

We are looking forward to learn more about your issues to tailor our services further to your needs. Feel invited to participate in our questionnaire.

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