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Study Acceleration Programs

Acceleration programs are offered in September (Summer University) and February (Winter University).   In years in which the Senate agrees on a spring break of at least three weeks, an additional Spring University is held during this break.

Dates & Deadlines

Acceleration programs DatesApplication periodcourse offer in the eVVz
WU Winter University 23/24Feb 05, - Feb 29,  2024apply starting: Jan 22, 2024 (staggered)Dec 2023
WU Summer University 202402.-28. Sept. 30, 2024apply starting: Aug 19, 2024 (staggered) June 2024

Acceleration programs:

  • Give students an opportunity to make the best use of semester breaks and holidays

  • Avoid delays and allow students to complete their degree program faster

  • Make use of the university’s room capacities during breaks and holidays

  • Offer block courses for students with a full-time or part-time job

Courses are organized on a short-term basis and are offered based on demand, i.e. courses that were fully booked during the semester and are in high demand are repeated during the acceleration program. Courses focus mainly on general business administration, law, and economics.

Summer University

Summer University for first-year students

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Minimum Academic Performance Requirement