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Bachelor's Student Guide: German-Taught Programs

Program-Specific Information

General Information

Getting Started

Are you a new student at WU? You probably have a lot of questions about our programs and how to plan and organize your studies. Learn more about getting off to the best possible start at WU, and our support services.

Courses and Exams

Here you will learn all about courses and exams, including: dates and deadlines, signing up for and dropping courses and exams using the LPIS system, plagiarism, and much more.

Minimum Academic Performance

Did you first enroll in a bachelor’s program in or after the 2022/23 winter semester? Or did you you resume your bachelor’s program after a break (in or after the 2022/23 winter semester)? Please note the necessary minimum academic performance. 

Honors Programs, Support, and Volunteering Opportunities

WU offers a variety of honors and support programs, as well as volunteering opportunities. They are designed to help you to succeed academically and/or to further your personal development.

Social Skills Certificate

Did you complete extracurricular courses to improve your social skills, and did you volunteer as a mentor or study buddy in one of WU’s volunteer programs? If so, apply now for our Social Skills Certificate. This document sums up all the skills you acquired or improved in these courses and as a volunteer.

Study Internationally

WU has more than 180 partner universities offering undergraduate exchange opportunities around the world. Learn more about international opportunities here and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Your Curriculum

Would you like to know what courses and exams you need to take during your studies, and in which sequence? You will find this (and more) information in the curriculum of your bachelor's program.

Study Acceleration Programs

WU’s study acceleration programs (summer and winter university programs) offer you the opportunity to take selected classes during the semester break in September and February to help you complete your program faster. These programs are also available to new students, so you can get a head start on your studies!

Credit Transfer

Have you already earned credits at another university in Austria or abroad? Or in another WU program? Here you will learn more about how to transfer these credits to you current WU program.

Grants and Scholarships

Are you interested in grants and scholarships, e.g. for good grades or for an exchange semester? Here you will find an overview of available options.


WU offers a wide range of specializations that is constantly being expanded. 

How do I sign up for a specialization? What things do I need to consider when choosing a specialization?

Here you will find the answers.

Internship Seminar

Are you a student in the Business, Economics and Social Sciences bachelor's program, majoring in International Business? Or are you a student in our Business and Economics bachelor's program? Here you will find information on your internship seminar.

Bachelor's Thesis

Here you will learn everything you need to know about writing and handing in your bachelor’s thesis. Make sure you are up to date on all requirements that apply to academic theses at WU.

Completing Your Studies

You have made it! Here you will learn more about the final steps you need to take to complete your program and get your degree. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the formal graduation ceremony!

Learning through Engagement - Service Learning

Provide a service for the community while at the same time learning important academic, methodological, and social skills.

Learn more!

Getting Started