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Recommended Workshops

Getting started in WU’s in-house training program

WU offers a wide selection of practically relevant continuing educational opportunities, available to you throughout your time at WU. From the start of your employment you are entitled to take workshops offered in WU’s in-house training program. A new course catalog focusing on different topics is published every semester. We’d like to offer you a preview of the seminars and workshops we’ll be offering in the 2024 summer semester to help you get your bearings, and we would also like to make some recommendations to help you find the best workshops for your particular stage of employment.

Regardless of which workshops you select: Within the first three semesters after receiving your invitation to the WU Onboarding Program, you are entitled to attend two workshops from the target group-specific program free of charge. This means that in addition to the costs for trainers, materials, and catering, WU will also cover the standard deductible otherwise charged, which usually amounts to € 20 per workshop day. However, should you cancel your registration after expiration of the cancellation deadline (two weeks prior to the starting date of the workshop) or if you fail to attend, you will be charged this amount as a cancellation fee. Workshops taught in English have an English title and description, workshops with a German title are held in German.

At home at WU and in Austria: Learning German

WU sees itself as a bilingual university, which is why it is important that our employees can communicate with confidence in both German and English. Language skills can only improve with regular use, so we recommend actively working on your German skills on a regular basis. If you want to attend a German course, you have the opportunity of doing so at an external language school. Financial support is available upon application to the Personnel Development office. Further details on external language schools and the prerequisites for attending these courses you can find here. IF you already speak sufficient German, you are welcome to attend any workshops in WU’s in-house training program taught in German. During your WU onboarding period, you can also attend these workshops free of charge. (You can attend any two workshops of your choice from the target-group-specific program and one English language skills workshop are completely free of charge for one year after receipt of an invitation to the WU-Onboarding-Program.)

Recommendations for administrative staff members:

There are two skill areas we consider particularly important for all positions at WU: communication (whether within your team, with supervisors, students, or colleagues in other units) and self-management (organizing your time and your work and meeting a variety of demands without becoming totally overwhelmed). Maybe one of the workshops below is for you:



You can of course attend workshops from our entire WU In-House Training Program. You can find these with detailed course descriptions and registration options here. Use the various filters (for example “Workshop Language”) to find events that suit you.

Recommendations especially for academic staff members:

Every semester, we offer various workshops on the topics of soft skills, teaching, research and research methods as part of our WU In-House Training program. Below you find a selection of workshops in the current semester:

Soft Skills:



Research Methods:

Further workshops to support you in your career as a scientist at WU can be found here with detailed course descriptions and registration options. Use the various filters to find the right events for you.