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Support for early stage researchers

Support for Early-Stage Researchers Based roughly on the guidelines of the EU Commission’s European Charter for Researchers, early-stage researchers are defined as researchers in the first four or six years of their research activity, up to the point when they obtain their PhD. In practice, this category covers WU’s teaching and research associates and tier-one researchers. For this reason, our measures for supporting early-stage researchers focus on financial support for the completion of doctoral theses and other types of financial support that are also available to teaching and research associates. 

For more information on funding opportunities for early-stage researchers, please see our PDF brochure „Fördermöglichkeiten für WU-Jungforscher/innen“ (in German). The brochure is designed to give you a clear and structured overview of the many different types of financial support and funding opportunities you can use for your first ventures into the world of research.