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Praxisdialog with iki


It's not about which tool you have, but rather how you use it. Even more important, however, is what it is used for! Christoph Bodner, Head of Business Insights & Analytics at iki (a subsidiary of REWE in the Lithuanian food retail sector), put it simply this week at our guest lecture series “Praxisdialog” at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Of course, his presentation was only about tools in a figurative sense and actually about data, but the underlying truth remains unchanged. While we are currently talking a lot about AI tools, large language models and ChatGPT, the real asset remains the database that is available for training the models and for analysing them. With a range of 15,00 SKUs  and 85% of sales attributable to loyalty card profiles, iki generates a lot of data every day. Thank you, Christoph, for showing us and our students how iki uses this data to better understand its customers.

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