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“Praxisdialog” with Dorotheum Juwelier


This week's talk in our guest lecture series “Praxisdialog” sparkled and twinkled! Our heartfelt thanks go to our guest lecturer Karin Saey, Head of Retail at Dorotheum, who took us on a journey through 22 years of Dorotheum Juwelier's brand history and showed us that tradition and innovation don't have to be opposites. Dorotheum Juwelier's omni-channel strategy achieved second place in the Fashion and Accessories category in the Omni-Channel Index compiled by the Handelsverband in 2023. In addition to social media, the online store, events and customer club, the flagship store in Palais Dorotheum in Dorotheergasse in Vienna, which today houses a auction house and jeweller, is particularly impressive. The gallery has been captivating visitors since 1901. When goods change hands, it has always been a spectacle. A good example for bricks-and-mortar retail, which – faced with online competition - has to focus on experience at the point of sale.

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