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All about books! Gustav Soucek for our expert talk series Praxisdialog


With over 90 participants, our first expert talk series Praxisdialog took place this summer semester. Gustav Soucek, managing director of the Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade, gave us fascinating insights into the world of publishers, book traders, and readers.

We did not just hear that 60% of people who buy books are female and over half of the books are actually bought as presents, but also that E-Books have only a 3.5% market share and audiobooks a 1% market share. Furthermore, Soucek told us that only 1,000 of over 90,000 published books in the German-speaking are actually successful and that Barack Obama saved the Christmas sales in the crisis year 2020. He also provided us with insights into the marketing chain of newly published books and the second-hand use of older books.

We are delighted that the Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade will collaborate with us on a project for the positioning of the book trade for digital natives.

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