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WU Researchers

Some 1,600 aca­demic staff mem­bers are cur­rently do­ing re­search at WU, in­clud­ing teach­ing and re­search as­so­ci­ates, post-­doc­toral re­search­ers, assist­ant and as­so­ci­ate pro­fess­ors, and full pro­fess­ors. Their com­bined aca­demic out­put amounts to over 1,100 aca­demic pub­lic­a­tions per year, from book chapters to journal articles. See our  FIDES re­search data­base for an over­view of all WU re­search­ers and their pub­lic­a­tions.

In March 2016, WU in­tro­duced the Re­searcher of the Month ser­ies. Below you can find an over­view of our re­cent Re­search­ers of the Month:

Researcher of the Month

Video Harald Oberhofer

Harald Oberhofer

Researcher of the Month

Re­view: An over­view of all awar­ded re­search­ers