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Living in Vienna

Depending on wheter you are searching for short-term or long-term housing there are different options (please see below).


In the case that you have not found an accomodation so far, the online platform HousingAnywhere.com provides for students the possibilty to search for a time-limited flat/room.

Private accomodation

If you are interested in a private accommodation in Vienna: Wimdu-Website

Student housing

You can choose from a wide range of housing options. We recommend to apply as soon as possible!

Sharing an apartment

Many students prefer to share an apartment with colleagues, thereby benefitting from lower costs for accommodation. The National Students' Union database at www.jobwohnen.at provides a good overview of rooms available in shared accommodation (information available in German only).

Also take a view at:


Renting an apartment

Please be aware that not many apartments are rented directly by the owner, which means that you should expect to pay a real estate agent's fee in the amount of 2-3 months' rent (not a deposit, just the agent's fee). In addition, most rental agreements require 2-3 months' rent as a deposit. Most apartments are rented out unfurnished; however, if the apartment is already equipped with furniture or appliances, you will probably have to pay an "Ablöse" (a one-off payment; the amount depends on the furnishings). The duration of the agreement is usually between one and five years.

You can find ads for apartments in Austrian newspapers, their websites and specialized portals (all available in German only):






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